seasonal interiors inspiration: seven ideas for decorating your home in winter

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Banish the gloom and embrace the best things about winter with Pooky's seasonal interior design and lighting ideas…

How do you feel about winter? Do you love the idea of pulling on a Nordic jumper and hunkering down, or does the thought of months of chilliness fill you with dread? Either way, there are things we can do to our homes that can make the most of winter’s positive aspects and generally lift the spirits. 

Here are seven simple, budget-friendly ways to brighten up even the dreariest of days and darkest of nights and add a sense of warmth and welcome to your home – plus some winter lighting inspiration…


1) Make a great first impression with outdoor lighting

With so much of the daytime in darkness, this is the time when effective, well designed outside lighting comes into its own: for safety but also to create a warm welcoming feel that will carry over as you step across the threshold. Pooky has everything from hanging lanterns and wall lights to recessed deck lights: browse the full range here

hastings lantern
Hastings exterior ip44 wall light in antique brass


2) Introduce deep, rich winter colours

If you have been adding autumnal touches to your home, you are off to a head start because all those warm autumnal colours—earthy browns, forest greens and russet, for example—make a great base palette.  Winter is the time to add touches of deep, rich jewel-like colours—think emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red. 

wobster in redPooky's Wobster lamp adds a touch of rich winter red to this space by @somethingbluehome


3) Put on extra layers and warm textures

In the chilly months we want plenty of warm cosy extra layers and accessories around us: faux fur throws, velvet cushions (velvet goes hand in hand with winter) and chunky knitted blankets are the order of the day. (Tip: if you like extreme chunkiness, check out the remarkable woollen blankets at The Chunky Needle, )

Winter is also time to roll out the rugs so that you have something warm under foot, a must if you tend to go barefoot indoors. And if you’re a crafty sort of person, why not make your own? Rag rugs made of textile scraps have a long history, and in these eco-conscious days they’ve evolved into an art form but. Ragged Life sells rag rug kits as well as running workshops and online classes. There’s something very satisfying about channelling your inner William Morris and making something both beautiful and useful for your home. 

Lots of lovely warm layers and fabrics in this room by Toby Perryman-Payne @tobyshome.

4) Get heavy with the curtains

If summer is all about letting the light in, winter is about keeping the dark—and the cold—out, so it’s time to think about heavy curtains for additional insulation. Lighter colours will add a sense of space; deep, rich colours enhance a sense of warmth. You may need deep pockets for, say, bespoke full length velvet curtains but it’s worth keeping an eye on online auction sites, vintage fabric dealers or companies like The Curtain Emporium for good quality secondhand curtains. 

albaflossLong, deep red curtains and Pooky's Alabafloss chandelier with red shades

5) Make the most of fireplaces

Scroll Insta for beautiful winter interiors and you can’t help but notice how often they feature fireplaces as a focal point. If you’re blessed with one or two, make the most of them with swathes of winter greenery, portable table lamps or perhaps the addition of flickering candles at different heights.

myoldpub fireplaceSpectacular fireplace greenery by Kate of @myoldpub


6) Bring wreaths indoors

On the subject of greenery, front door wreaths (see below) have never been more popular, but why not enjoy them indoors too, over the fireplace or - as per our good friend in Devon Greg Penn (@manwithahammer) here - hung over an interior door?  That way you get to admire the artistry all day long…

@manwithahammerWreaths aren't just for the front door... Room by @manwithahammer

7) Make a cosy reading nook

Even if you’re not blessed with a fireplace, there are other ways of creating warm, cosy focal points. One of the simplest approaches is to set up a comfortable and relaxing reading space; take a look at our advice on how to create and light the perfect reading nook for your home. The right lighting, cosy throws and plump cushions make all the difference.

pick reading lightPooky's Pick reading lamp - ideal for a cosy reading corner.


Winter lighting inspiration

Reading lights for winter nooks

If you are looking for a versatile lamp for your winter reading nook, how about our Pick reading lamp (above)? You can move its adjustable arm to any direction or height you please.  Perfect for reading, sewing and knitting (or snoozing), with a touch of hygge. See more reading lights here.


Velvet lampshades

Velvet comes into its own in winter and, here at Pooky, you’ll find a range of gorgeous velvet lampshades in a variety of styles and colours.

Our cone shade in forest green velvet, with its little brass hat, is the height of warm chic. It’s also available in off white if you’re going for a frosted, snowy look:

 Cone shade in forest green velvet

Porch lanterns

Who wouldn’t be happy on a cold winter's night to be greeted by the cheery light of a porch lantern? Second only to a wagging tail in the 'welcome home' stakes... 

cromer lantern
Cromer ip44 exterior hanging lantern in antique brass

Inspired? Browse all Pooky's shades and lamps here - you can filter by colour, material, style and more...


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Image top: Designer Laurel Chick uses a Pooky Phileas rechargeable table lamp on a shelf to create a cosy corner. Image: @laurelchick