Seasonal interiors inspiration: Six ways to bring summer into your home

lazy nookBring the best of summer indoors with these light and lovely interior design ideas…

We tend to imagine that we’ll spend all our time outdoors in the summer months – but of course the reality is that we still have to do quite a lot of retreating inside, to escape heatwaves, rainstorms, hayfever etc. But there’s no reason why your home shouldn’t be just as summery and light and lovely as the garden. Here are some simple interior design tips for making the most of the summer season…

1. Keep things simple

A bit of clutter can be cosy in winter, but if you want to minimise the chores and make the most of all those special summer moments, aim for simplicity indoors. Keep stuff off the floor and remove from the surfaces anything you’re not going to use until September.

Too many pictures, too many books, too many favourite objects, not enough space? Think about a gallery wall and modular storage, which will hide a multitude of sins and give you a clear and uncluttered living space.

tobyshome kitchen
Photo: @tobyshome

Every room in the house can be styled to embrace summer to the maximum. Toby Perryman-Payne’s light, bright kitchen, for example (above), speaks summer simplicity.

2. Go for light and breezy summer colours

Layers of soft, light pastels or light neutrals provide a perfect balance to the strong light of summer and add a sense of fresh airiness to any room. And subtle combinations of both add eye-catching areas of interest.

A Pooky empire shade in either natural linen or cream taj silk will give you the ultimate in natural materials and neutral lighting. For the softest of pastels, take a look at our scalloped straight empire in marshmallow pink... simply luscious.

35cm scalloped straight empire shade in marshmallow linen

35cm scalloped straight empire shade in marshmallow linen

3. Add pattern with stripes and botanicals

scarlet tapers

Summery stripes: 16cm empire shade in scarlet tapers hand painted card

Summer doesn’t have to be all neutrals-on-neutrals, mind. It’s also the season to have fun with patterns such as stripes and botanicals. A statement wall or patterned accessories, such as pillows, cushions or throws will add colour and interest—and work well against a neutral summery background.

We love this summer bedroom designed by Kelling Designs, with textiles by @alisongeeartanddesign, and featuring Pooky’s Drake wall fitting, topped by a 16cm Tulasi shade with its lovely leaf motifs...

4. Embrace floaty summer-weight textiles

Put away those darker, heavier winter-warm textiles and bring in linen, cotton or voile, which are all perfect for summer window dressing; they bring gently filtered sunlight into a room and are a quick and easy way to open up a space and make a room look more spacious.

In this neutral and pastel bedroom by @styletheclutter, white voile curtains and white wooden shutters work together to bring the light in or keep out the heat—and offer privacy when needed. Pooky’s gathered lampshades in black printed linen ikat complement the room beautifully.

5. Bring the outside in…

Summer is the season, above all others, when you can bring the outside inside and make the most of what the natural world has to offer. Add a gentle hint of the coast, with a few natural treasures from the beach…a handful of shells, pebbles (where permitted) or driftwood.

Flowers are essential, of course—armfuls of richly-coloured roses—but think about house plants too. Ferns can add a light green airiness (but take care as some are toxic for pets - if you share your home with a moggy, you’ll be safe with a Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus),)

pick reading light
Pooky's Pick reading light - and plenty of roses

Nothing quite beats the scent of fresh flowers for that summer feeling, from the heady scent of full-blown roses to the sweet notes of jasmine and honeysuckle. If you’re looking for roses with the strongest scent, Gardener’s World magazine recommends English Roses and Old Roses, such as St Ethelburga, Generous Gardener, Boscobel and Gertrude Jekyll.


6. ...And take the inside out for summer light

Sunshine, long days, breathtaking late sunsets... summer is about all about light. Crisp early morning light, bright midday sunshine, soft, mellow evening light. Make the most of it with the lightest of curtains or none.

It’s the season for eating al fresco, staying outside for as long as possible, as the light fades. Why not stretch the time out a little longer with a Pooky rechargeable cordless lamp on the table?

phileasPhileas rechargeable table lamp in antique brass finish


Browse Pooky's huge range of lamps and shades here - and find more interiors inspiration on our blog.


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Image top: Lazy Nook by Carl Larsson, watercolour, 1897 (Public domain).