Dopamine Interiors: 5 ways to inspire your home with the happiness-inducing trend

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The dopamine interiors concept is all about filling your home with things that make you smile. Here's a Pooky guide to finding happiness through interior design and lighting, including some top dopamine décor tips...

We don’t do trends as a rule, but this is one movement Pooky can get on board with! Dopamine décor is the 2024 interiors trend that’s set everybody’s tongues wagging. In essence, dopamine interior design is all about introducing colours, shapes, patterns and textures that make us smile.

This happiness-inducing trend is encouraging us to reinvent our homes using a curation of mood-lifting hues, silhouettes and adornments. And unlike other home trends, this one isn’t led by ‘rules’ - it’s inspired almost entirely by us as individuals. Essentially, we are being encouraged to draw inspiration from the things in life that bring us joy, integrating them into our homes using an assortment of objects and decorative accents.

sacha table lampThe lamp that makes Pooky's photographer Krys smile: Sacha table lamp in matte white

So, how do you adopt the dopamine trend in a way that authentically represents you and what you love? Ultimately, it’s all about utilising colour, composition and texture.

The interior should resonate with the homeowner as an individual, sparking happy memories and evoking joviality with a swift glance of the eye. This trend is deeper than the aesthetic quality of the home - it’s about creating a space that enables us to connect with our environment, administering a sense of pure contentment.

 phileas rechargeable table lampPhileas rechargeable table lamp finished in antique bronze

1) Play around with your lighting for a daily dopamine dose

This movement inspires us to be more daring with our choices, all whilst staying true to our personal style preferences. It goes without saying that some of us prefer a more pared-back aesthetic, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the trend in a way that works for you. The injection of colour doesn’t necessarily need to be one of exceptional vibrancy - after all, if brights aren’t your thing, their presence won’t have the desired effect. So, before you feel pressured to pick up every eccentric wallpaper and wacky tin of paint your local DIY store has to offer, consider a more subtle approach, instead. The perfect place to start? Lighting, of course!

At Pooky, we’re passionate about interior design and we’re proud to create an abundance of unique, beautiful and luxurious light fixtures to suit every home. In our opinion, your space is far too fabulous to settle for anything remotely average - and we’re thrilled to offer such a broad spectrum of spectacular illuminators, including a collection of daring and distinctive designs that truly epitomise the essence of dopamine décor.

For a really fun approach to lighting, check out our rechargeables range. And read more about the joyful effects of lamps in our post How lights can make you happy.

whinny table lamp resinThe Whinny table lamp in green resin is the favourite lamp of Daisy, Pooky's digital marketing whizz

2) Get personal 

Arguably one of the best things about this interior movement is the fact that it’s so subjective. Dopamine décor instructs us to go against the grain by means of layering, clashes, and dare we say it - a touch of chaos here and there! But amidst the infusion of colour, prints and tactile textures, there are highly intimate touches, too - and these are definitive to the trend. 

It’s no secret that there are some utterly glorious prints, pictures and sketches available for us to buy and for many, such additions can be found in various locations throughout our homes. However, whilst these creations do indeed add a stylish touch, typically, they mean very little - if anything at all - to us on a deeper level. So, why not swap them out for something that genuinely makes you smile? 

Physical, printed photographs are so wonderful, yet few of us ever take the time to actually have our photos developed and put them on display. The entire notion of framed photographs has become a little bit old fashioned - but wouldn’t it be marvellous to be reminded of all those magical memories every single day? 

Get set for an influx of feel-good brain chemicals as you adorn your home in beautifully-framed photographs and creations. From wedding photos and pet portraits to children’s school art, it’s time to unbox those stowed-away treasures and put them proudly on display. 

stuccoThe lamp that most makes Jodie (Pooky's marketing director) smile is the Larger Stucco table lamp in stone

3) Let the things that you love inspire you

Whether you’re canine crazy, a self-confessed bookworm, a knitting enthusiast or you’ve simply got a soft spot for the finer things in life, this is your golden opportunity to celebrate each and every one of those unique characteristics and quirks. 

Prepare to parade your personality by means of unexpected adornments and accessories. Think hand-knitted throws, uniquely-embroidered soft furnishings, antique bookcases, fine china and everything else in between. Bring together all that you adore and let your home act as a canvas, artfully showcasing everything that makes you, you! 

dorian floor lamp in pinkPooky's marketing assistant Felicity's favourite is Dorian floor lamp in cosmo pink

4) Contrasting colours are the way to go

When it comes to colour, green in particular has been enjoying more than just a moment, of late. An earthy tone that has been scientifically-proven to initiate thought, this soothing shade is one of an entire rainbow ready and waiting for you to have fun with. Create visual interest by spinning right to the opposite end of the colour wheel and experimenting with some punchy rouge accents and accessories. Alternatively, if your ‘happy hue’ is pink, prepare to make the dive into a strong pop of colour with the Dorian.

Once upon a time, clashing hues were a firm no-no. Now, however, and particularly as we embark on this pro-maximalism movement, the concept is welcomed with open arms. 

Create a mood-enhancing space that’s rich in fun and personality as you bring together a curation of conflicting shades, patterns and prints. From embroidered bed throws that instantly pull the eye to intricately designed lampshades, you are hereby encouraged to marry all things mismatched. 

The end result? A delightfully distinctive domain that’s sure to raise a smile (and possibly a few eyebrows, too!)

wobsterPooky's marketing manager, Daisy's loves the Larger Wobster table lamp in turquoise lacquered wood


5) Texture, texture, texture!

Of course, it’s not all about how things look - but how they feel, too. And how better to achieve sensorial splendour than with an assortment of finishes and textures? 

There are many ways in which you can do this, and of course, you can always count on us to deliver the most marvellous selection of lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces and more to help truly transform your space. 

Visually, our offering of all things printed and patterned seamlessly integrate into this aesthetic - but our assortment of grains, weaves, fabrics and finishes promise to add depth to your dwelling, too. 

For some, an earthy rattan shade may spark a sense of nostalgia - a wistful wander down memory lane to a favourite vacation or family holiday home. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the sumptuous quality of our silk shades? You may even wish to exhibit your exquisite taste with something entirely spectacular - a crystal chandelier, maybe? (Read more about the secrets of using texture in interior design in our expert guide.)


However you wish to illuminate your new and improved, happiness-inciting space, one thing’s for certain: a little light goes a long, long way. 

An opportunity to have fun with your home, the dopamine décor trend is here to remind us that we should harness what brings us happiness and surround ourselves with exactly that. We can’t wait to watch as your homes transfigure into bewitching, one-of-a-kind nooks inspirited with soul.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram and show us how you’ve illuminated your happy hub with the help of Pooky and of course, if you’re craving a little more inspiration, head over to our interiors blog.


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