How to use lighting to create a cosy corner

We all deserve a special little space that’s all ours – a room or just a comfy nook where we can curl up and escape from the world. And it’s easy to make your own cosy corner if you have the right lighting, as our inhouse stylist Sophie Amini explains…

Cosiness, snugness, hygge – whatever you want to call it, we all need it in our lives. A room of one’s own, or at least a corner of a room. A private retreat where you can hide away with a good book and a drink, letting the rest of the world and its worries melt away into the background. And the key to creating your own cosy corner is, of course, the right lighting. So we thought we’d make it Pooky’s mission to bring more cosiness into everybody’s life – starting with some top tips from our in-house stylist and designer (and Cosiness Expert) Sophie Amini.

Tip 1: Put big lamps on low tables

If you have your own favourite sofa or armchair, you can enhance the cosy factor with a large table lamp set on a side table at around height of your head when sitting. The lamp will cast a lovely, localised glow when lit, but even when it’s turned off in the daytime, a characterful lamp and shade marks the territory as yours.

The very cosy living room of stylish trendsetter Laura Fantacci features our Lola table lamp. Image credit: @witblog

‘Cosiness to me means warmth and familiarity so getting the lighting right is key,’ says Sophie. ‘In a sitting room I like to use quite large lamps on low side tables which establish themselves as part of the room, whether on or off. ‘My idea of heaven is curling up on my orange velvet window seat with my cat. I am framed by two tall resin lamps with rich parchment shades. This allows me enough light to read yet I am cocooned by a cosy glow of colour which makes me feel happy, far away and very relaxed!’

Our Bobboli lamp casts a comfy glow over this characterful corner by Fleur Ward Design. Image credit.

‘Lamp shades can be fun and colourful to create a feature or neutral to blend in. At Pooky we take great care to minimise any glare or harsh light by keeping the linings soft even with the palest of shades. ‘Our plain cream card lights by day will look fresh and contemporary but will always create a soft and cosy ambience when on. I like to enhance this by using colours such as coral, red, our ikats or block prints which are flattering, warm and add depth.’

A Pooky ikat shade in designer Emma Sherlock's favourite corner of her house. Image credit.

Tip 2: Position floor lamps for reading nooks

If your idea of bliss is curling up with a Jilly Cooper or some such, the classic cosy corner arrangement is a floor lamp positioned just behind an armchair or sofa and side table.

The Astaire floor lamp lighting up a lovely corner by Annabel Beeforth. Image credit.

Sophie says: ‘For reading the standing lamps are perfect. Whether it is the Sunday with a drum or the Galore over an armchair these will be a welcome addition to any room by giving directional light which is not invasive. ‘ Here are some more splendid arrangements from Pooky people…

A classic cosy reading corner with a Roxanne floor lamp from customer and Instagrammer @lizziebabe7

A typically beautiful corner by 2LG Studio featuring the Trafalgar floor lamp. Image credit.

The Roxanne making an appearance in Deliciously Ella's lovely MaE Deli. Image credit

Our Vicenzo floor lamp in a gorgeous cosy corner at Soho Farmhouse. Image credit.

Tip 3: Use pendants or wall lights to frame a space

If you want to cosy up a section of a room – such as a bay window or a sitting area by a fireplace – you can make clever use of light to frame a space. Pendant lights suspended from the ceiling divide larger rooms into separate parts. Here’s a lovely cosy nook featuring our Stella pendant light, by Sarah Triner:

A very cosy window space topped by a Stella pendant light - styled by Sarah Triner. Image credit Sophie says: ‘Wall lights too are more permanent and often used in tandem with more architectural lighting but they can be used again as a feature to frame a room. Whether either side of a fireplace, in a kitchen or by a bed, they will add character and if used alone will give a halo of light which will tone down any room and create a cosy space.’

Wisteria table lamps and some wall lights frame a cosy nook of Guy Mallinson's amazing treehouse - see more about that here.

Tip 4: Layer light in your favourite room

And if you’re lucky enough to have a whole room that’s all your own, you can use different layers of light to create moods - soft and calming on autumn afternoons, warm and snug on winter nights. Here’s a positive Pooky paradise by designer Anouska Tamony featuring the Stella pendant, Luty table lamp and Stanley wall lights!

Image credit.

For more tips on layering light see this ever-popular post. Do you have a favourite cosy corner, with or without Pooky lights included? We’d love to see them. Tag @pookylights on Instagram, or Twitter, or share on Facebook. And watch out for more cosiness coming your way on this blog!