Designer glass wall lights – the civilised way to get the wow factor

In themselves they’re small and rather polite, but a few well-placed glass wall lights can raise your home interior design to a higher level… 

If you’d like to give your décor the fabled ‘wow factor’, but are rather hesitant about gigantic statement artworks, weird modernist furniture or walls painted in the kinds of colours that interior designers call ‘brave’ then you’ll be looking for more subtle ways to create an impression. Glass wall lights could be the perfect answer. They’re relatively small and eminently useful – but they’re also pretty unusual, and there’s enough choice in style and fitting to make something that’s all your own. Dotted tastefully around your alcoves and nooks, hand-blown glass looks lovely in the daytime – and of course they really come into their own in the evening when they’re aglow (it’s just so much nicer to create a soft mood with lots of small lights than have one big overhead one glaring away). Striking but not shouty, sophisticated yet not ostentatious, here is Pooky’s collection of glass wall lights for your delectation and delight…

bonnie – bubbly and beautiful

Bonnie wall light in clear glass with brass rosette fitting - unfortunately the Bonnie wall light is no longer available, but please take a look at our glass wall lights collection here

The Bonnie is a bubbly handblown beauty – it came out better than we ever imagined really. Each one is unique with its own variations in shape and bubbles – so you can 100% guarantee that nobody in the world will have glass wall lights exactly like yours. They also make fine pendant lights – and we do them in four colours: clear (above), olive (below), turquoise (top) and grey.

Bonnie wall light in olive with brass swan neck fitting

Henrietta – a three-tiered treat

Henrietta wall light in clear blown glass with bronze Rosette fitting

A slightly more arts-and-crafty, vintage-y cousin to Bonnie, Henrietta is a three-tiered design in hand-blown glass. We do a clear version and a lovely greenish recycled one. Again, it works equally well as a pendant as it does a wall light.

Mundo – classy glass bowl

Mundo wall light with chrome swan neck fitting - unfortunately the Mundo wall light is no longer available, but please take a look at our glass wall lights collection here

A clear fishbowl glass pendant lantern of elegant simplicity. You can’t go wrong with the Mundo, really – it’s just classy, and becomes a gorgeous glowing ball of light with you flick the switch. The wall light is the smallest version of the Mundo, which you could also have as a matching pendant light hanging from the ceiling (brilliant in clusters of three).

Qilin – a dappled prism

Qilin wall light with brass swan neck fitting

Striking in an understated way – which is what we’re aiming for, isn’t it? – the prismatic effect of the Qilin casts a beautiful dappled light. It cries out for a classy filament bulb, which you can browse and buy here.

Hazel – lantern loveliness

Hazel wall light with brass elbow fitting

Again, choose your bulb carefully to make the most of the Hazel, a sophisticated, slightly tapered clear glass lantern. It will also work wonderfully with a pendant equivalent. On a wall light, we love it with the antiquated brass elbow fitting, but you can try it out with lots of others.

Inverie – colour and grace

Inverie wall light with brass elbow fitting - unfortunately the Inverie wall light is no longer available, but please take a look at our glass wall lights collection here

Have we saved the best for last? If you want a subtle ‘wow’ then possibly we have, yes. Petite and elegant, the Inverie hand blown light combines colour and grace.

Have a browse through all our beautiful designer wall lights here - and don't forget you can select the style and material of the wall light fitting to get exactly the look that's right for you.