New ceramic shades for pendants and wall lights – gaze at the glaze!

Gorgeous, unusual ceramic shades in bold colour glazes are set to be fabulous new trend in pendant and wall lights. Here’s our new range…

Our new range of ceramic shades has arrived and they’re so achingly beautiful that we just had to share them with you. They come in a spectrum of rich, colourful glazes and are splendid as singles, or even better in pairs (or more). Match them with any of our pendant fittings (hint: we’ve got lots of them) - and whether you’re in a slick city apartment, a modern townhouse or a rustic country farmhouse, we’ve got a style and colour to fit. Get ready to gaze at the glaze!

Hania – rustic character in rich-hued glazes

Larger Hania ceramic pendant shade in Cherry (left) and Pacific Blue (right) glazes. Shop here.

There is a tiny pottery in the hills of Southern Poland run by the most lovely, kind and good natured couple. They also make spectacularly wonderful ceramics with strong and rich glazes. Every one of these Hania shades is handmade - no two are the same. That means that there are some imperfections, little lumps and bumps here and there – but that is what adds to their beauty, we think. (If you want perfect straight lines, best to go for the Hoolie below). We’ve gone for two bold, vivid colours – cherry and pacific blue. The larger pendant Hania shade (above) is 38cm in diameter, and there’s a smaller 27cm one:

The smaller Hania ceramic shade in Cherry and Pacific Blue. Shop here. The Hania wall light meanwhile goes perfectly with the swan neck or rosette fittings.

Hania ceramic wall lights. Shop here.

Hoolie - stylish and sophisticated

Larger Hoolie ceramic pendant shade in Dusk glaze (left) and Cornflower glaze (right). Shop here.

The coolie-shaped Hoolie is a slicker, smarter ceramic shade (a sophisticated town mouse to the Hania’s country mouse, if you like.) The larger Hoolie pendant is 38.5cm across and 12.5cm high. We’ve chosen three beautiful colours – Stone, Cornflower and Dusk - each with a stone interior that casts a lovely mellow light. The dainty smaller Hoolie meanwhile has two additional colour glazes: Sunset, and a dazzling Buttercup:

The smaller Hoolie ceramic pendant shade in Sunset glaze (left) and Buttercup glaze (right). Shop here. And it also works splendidly as a wall light:

Hoolie ceramic wall light in Cornflower glaze with stone interior. Shop here.

Ceramic classics

Hoolie and Harnia are the new ceramic shades on the block, but we also have a couple of tried and tested classics.

serge oxblood

Serge in oxblood - shop here Serge (above) is a cosy, dome-shaped pendant in Oxblood, Turquoise or a really classy Celadon glaze, while Finn is hand thrown on a wheel for that lovely home-made effect, and comes in two sizes and a choice of colours.

smaller finn celadon

Smaller Finn in celadon - shop here View our full range of ceramic pendant lights here. And if all this has whetted your appetite for pottery, check out our stunning ceramic table lamps here.