Designer table lamps – which material works for you?

How do you choose the right designer table lamp for your room? Well you can go by shape, size, period or colour… but have you considered how different materials can help create mood and complement or enhance your interior design style? Here’s a buyer’s guide… 

You can never have too many lamps, as all right-thinking interior enthusiasts know. You might not have thought about searching for perfect lights by their material – but from distinguished brass to elegant glass to a bit of shabby chic wood – there’s a designer table lamp out there to suit your style. Let’s have a look at the options…

Brass – for instant class

Trafalgar brass table lamp - shop here

Trafalgar brass table lamp - shop here

Brass is beautiful, warm and conveys instant class. It’s also very versatile – you can go for a table lamp like the Trafalgar (above) which looks like an antique you inherited from your aristocratic great-uncle, or you can have something with a bronze or silver finish that looks much more contemporary. Browse our guide to brass table lamps here.

Glass – for an elegant touch


Mandalay glass table lamp - unfortunately the Mandalay table lamp is unavailable, but please take a look at our collection of glass table lamps here

A well-made glass lamp base not only looks beautiful in itself, it does interesting things with the cascading light. If you need something for a dressing table, how about a fluted lamp like the Mandalay (above), giving a touch of Regency elegance? Glass is also good for making a space look bigger. Transparent materials create light and space rather than clutter, removing barriers for the eye. One of our most popular lamps is the Wisteria (top) – with its brass base and visible coiled cord. Unique. Check out more glass table lamp ideas here.

Wood – for shabby chic style

Otto in white

Otto wood table lamp in white - shop here

If you’re a fan of a quirky room full of floral fabrics, mismatched vintage furniture and random knick-knacks, then a wood table lamp is probably just the ticket. How about something in a distressed white finish, like the Otto? Mind you, wood can be very smart too. Here are some more contemporary wooden table lamp options.

Ceramics – for sheer handmade beauty


Benchley ceramic table lamp - unfortunately the Benchley ceramic table lamp is unavailable, but please take a look at our collection of table lamps here.

We firmly believe that lamps should be works of art – just as beautiful in daylight as they are when aglow at night. A ceramic table lamp is a fabulous way to get a whacking great bit of gorgeous handmade pottery into your room. Take the Benchley – recently used to stunning effect in a London home by top stylists 2 Lovely Gays. For more subtle (and some even less subtle) ceramic table lamp designs, have look here.

Marble – for a statement of grandeur

Hebert in white large image

Herbert marble table lamp - unfortunately the Herbert marble table lamp is unavailable, but please take a look at our collection of marble table lamps here.

Want to make a seriously confident design statement? Marble’s your man. Powerful, classical… sensational! Especially in a minimalist interior. The one above is our Herbert in white, – see plenty more designer table lamps in marble here.

Resin – for something completely different


The Aurora in orange - one of our range of resin table lamps

Resin is a Pooky speciality – and very popular with our customers. It’s a marvellous material for table lamps because you can do such interesting things with the colour and shape, match them with virtually any shade, and the translucent nature makes it perfect for working with light. We’ve got a range of resin table lamps – you won’t find anything else quite like them.

Found your perfect material yet? Browse all our designer table lamps here – and give us a call if you’re unsure.