Inspiration: how top designers are using Pooky ikat lampshades

Looking for inspiration? Here’s how some of Britain’s top contemporary interior designers and home stylists are using Pooky’s ikat lampshades….

Of course our lampshades looks great in the showroom – but it’s even better seeing them in real homes. We love it when our customers send in photos of how they’ve used a Pooky lamp or shade – or an interesting combination of both – in their home. So please do share your pics with us (see below for some easy ways) and we’ll help you show them off to the world and inspire other customers! In the meantime, in case you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, we thought we’d show you some of the ways that top interior designers have been using Pooky things in their rooms. Following last week’s table lamps, here are some ikat linen and silk lampshades in situ, styled by the experts…

Sophie Robinson’s rented pad

sophie robinson ikat

Pooky's Trixie lamp with black and white zig-zag ikat shade in a lovely Sophie Robinson interior. Photo credit.

The fantastic interior stylist Sophie Robinson (of BBC Great Interior Design Challenge fame) is renowned for her love of bold colour and pattern, and for creating really vibrant, unique, ‘random’ spaces that seem to hang together mainly through the sheer force of her personality. We’re delighted that she’s a fan of our ikat patterned lampshades. The black and white straight empire zig-zag ikat in linen features in her apartment in Brighton, sitting proudly atop one of our own Trixie glass table lamps and makes an appearance in this exceedingly useful video about styling rented pads:

And we also spotted one of our yellow silk ikat shades on a Crescent table lamp in one of Sophie’s trademark side-table arrangements:

sophie robinson yellow ikat on crescent

Pooky's yellow ikat shade atop a Crescent lamp - in another of Sophie's splendid displays. Photo credit.

Check out all sorts of terrific interior styling tips and advice on Sophie’s website.

Bianca Hall – paired vintage lamps


The 30cm straight empire printed linen ikat shade in black zig-zag in Bianca's sitting room

The pattern and textile designer, style writer (and expert shopper) Bianca Hall recently featured our ikat linen shades on her interiors blog French for Pineapple. She rather brilliantly paired matching ginger jar-style vintage table lamps, sprayed plain white to let the shades ‘be the stars’, and used the black and white ikat zig-zag pattern against the off-black in her room.


Bianca Hall of French for Pineapple.

You can see the full post about it here with lots more pics – and read our Q&A with Bianca here.

Lins from Boo & Maddie – a stylish hallway

boo and maddie hallway

Pooky's orange zig-zag ikat linen shade looking fab in the hallway at Boo & Maddie

The interior blogger Lins of Boo & Maddie recently chose one of our empire printed linen ikat shade in orange zig-zag shades for a lamp in her hallway.. In her blog post about it she says: ‘For me, the hallway is such an important and often overlooked space – this is the first part of your home to greet you from a long day at work, to welcome you into a safe place after a night out. It’s the first place anyone who comes to your home sees from guests to post delivery and has such potential but so often falls short.’ Which just proves that ikat shades look stunning pretty much anywhere.

boo 2

Have you used on of our ikat shades – or indeed any of our lamps or shades – in your interiors? We’ll be featuring more uses of Pooky lights and lampshades by professional designers in the coming weeks. But we’d also love to see your own pics of Pooky lamps at home, so that we can all inspire each other! Please do email Emma at or share your pics on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.