top lighting tips from interior designers, the 2 Lovely Gays

Photo credit Taran Wilkhu

Here at Pooky we’re all about quirkiness and colour, two things that we love about your style. Can you tell us a bit about what inspires you and what sets 2 Lovely Gays apart from the rest?

People inspire us. We love to get beyond a person’s public face and go further to understand what they really need from their home. Our designs always start with people and we think great design enhances the human experience.

Do you have any top tips for using coloured glass lighting effectively in the home?

Coloured glass can create amazing ambience in your home and is great in secondary lighting like table lamps as it can totally change the feel of a room to cater to different occasions like dinner parties or drinks evenings. But equally beautiful in a pendant light to give atmosphere to an entire space.

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What’s your favourite room in your house? Does lighting play a part?

Our studio is in our home and we spend a lot of time working from home and inviting clients and collaborators into our home. So our bedroom is a favourite space because it's our sanctuary. A room for rejuvenation. The lighting is mainly diffused lamp light to keep it calm and atmospheric. Bedrooms are so often forgotten because they are not for show, but they are such important spaces for our wellbeing. It really helps us unwind after a hard day’s work.

Jordan and Russell’s Florence bed linen range for the Secret Linen Store featuring the Crescent Table Lamp.

Lighting is proving to be a key player in interiors, do you have any lighting predictions for 2016?

Lighting is an area in growth and we predict a move towards decorating with light. Illuminated walls and ceilings, as well as star lighting pieces that really make the whole room. Lighting is no longer just the jewellery, it's the shoes and the dress too now. Think of all the different layers of light in your space and make sure you don't forget that it can be playful as well as structural. Creating backdrops as well as moments of decorative wonder.


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Finally we’ve got to ask you, what is your favourite Pooky light and why?

We love our lighting big and the scale of your table lamps is on point. So often we find that retailers get the scale wrong on lamps and we love the impact of your big table lamps - we've used them for our clients and they work wonders in a room scheme. But we are also loving the coloured glass and bold ceramic pendant shades now in your collection - you know we love to play with colour.


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