Spotlight on: block patterned fabric wall light shades

Want something original and different – yet somehow reassuring? Try adding some charm to your corners with hand-printed block patterned cotton wall light shades

The ‘feel’ of a room is an elusive thing. Very often it’s the little touches that make all the difference (which is why interior designers seem to spend as much time fussing over cushions and curtain pole finials as they do on the wallpaper and sofa). If your room isn’t quite ‘singing’ to you, or if you want to change the tone a little without spending a fortune on new furniture, then how about looking at wall lights? At Pooky we’ve discovered that metallic wall lights can create a classic mid-century modern feel and wall light fittings can be mixed and matched for infinite variety. But in this post we’re putting the spotlight on fabric wall light shades. High quality, block-patterned cotton shades, just sitting there illuminating your corners – well that’s just the sort of thing that says ‘I know what I’m doing when it comes to interior design’. And there’s something warm and reassuring, something comforting, about a really good, handprinted pattern fabric. Perfect for a vintage or vaguely shabby scheme, or for anything calling for something individualistic. Here are Pooky’s patterns…

Balinese ferns

Balinese ferns fabric wall light Like all our fabric shades, the soft cotton is block-printed by hand by incredibly skilled craftspeople in a workshop near Jaipur, meaning that each shade is literally unique. We’ve already used this pattern to terrific effect in a gathered shade for a table lamp, so it was a natural next step to make a mini-me version. The 16cm empire shade comes with pinky pink or blue tape.

Balinese ferns with pinky pink tape

Coral and Burmese fans

Our Jaipuran friends also block print this ‘fans’ pattern. For a 16cm empire shade we love this coral version:

Coral fans pattern fabric wall light shade

Alternatively, the greys and blacks Burmese fans version could be a clever way of introducing some pattern to a neutral scheme if you’re a colour-phobe (and If you want to pair it with its table lamp cousin, the 30cm shade is here):

Burmese fans pattern wall light shade

Persian fans

Persian fans pattern wall light shade This pattern is absolutely gorgeous when lit. The 16cm shade is perfect for a wall lamp, or go a bit larger with a 20cm or 30cm for a table lamp.

Persian fans pattern wall light shade

Flashman squiggles

An eminently comment-worthy pattern, the Flashman Squiggle – unlike almost anything else available. Vaguely hypnotic if you stare at it long enough. We love it.

Flashman squiggles shade with a swan neck fitting

Choosing a wall light fitting

Flashman squiggles shade with an Elbow fitting Our smaller fabric shades can go with either a downward or upward-facing fitting – and if you’re treating yourself to an all-new wall light set-up, have a read of this post about choosing the material, colour and style of wall light fitting for your room.


Solid brass "scroll" wall fitting in an antiqued brass finish with a Burmese fans half shade And finally, something a little different. The Burmese fans half shade is designed to go with this rather lovely Scroll light fitting, sitting snugly right up against the wall.

Solid brass "scroll" wall fitting in an antiqued brass finish with a Burmese fans half shade

Have a browse of our 16cm fabric wall light shades here - or choose your favourite lampshade and see if there's a small version to fit your wall lights.

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