'I love to create interesting spaces' - our Q&A with Matilda Goad

We talk to top creative consultant and designer Matilda Goad...

Matilda Goad is a London-based consultant and designer who makes interesting, beautiful spaces and visuals, from events to shop windows. She caught our eye when she paired one of her scallop lampshades with our Wisteria glass table lamp, to wonderful effect.

Matilda's scallop shade on our Wisteria in green glass. Image: Matilda Goad.

So we thought we'd better have a chat with her and find out more...

We do a lot of work with interior designers - but your work is a bit broader than just 'interior design'. How would you explain what you do?

I love to create interesting spaces whether it be for an event, showroom, shop window or a home. Although the former are more temporary and the materials used often compromised I believe the same aesthetic should be applied and it is quite fun being inventive with materials to use on a more restrained budget! The product side of my business started with antique botanical prints which I source and sell mounted in thick acrylic frames; the line has since developed to include lampshades and ceramics with more products to follow this summer. I like the idea that you can purchase a pair of my shades for the bedside or a set of prints for a hallway and transform a space without huge outlay or commitment.

Matilda's botanical prints in a showroom by CLJ Home. Image: Matilda Goad

How would you describe your style when it comes to interiors and visual spaces generally?

Colour is very important to me and often the starting point for a scheme or idea. I love mixing materials and textures too always including unexpected elements to add a bit of humour and charm.

How does lighting play a part in your work?

Lighting is so key to creating the atmosphere of a room and lamps are a great opportunity to add personality and go a bit bolder or to introduce a new colour into a room. Whilst my scallop shades are great for injecting detail the raffia looks great glowing when the light is on.

What is the style in your own home? Do you have a favourite room?

I am not a devotee to a particular style or era instead prefer an eclectic mix. I source a lot of antique furniture and small accessories and am never shy to mix these with more modern pieces.

Image: Matilda Goad

We believe mixing and matching colour and pattern can make for some stunning results – do you have any top tips on how to do this in the home?

I love a mix of prints and colours but suggest finding one tone that can work as a link between them or equally a total contrast to prevent visual confusion! Perspectives should be considered - I love when you look through to a boldly painted room into a patterned room - layering too is a great way to add in prints.

Finally we’ve got to ask you, what is your favourite Pooky light and why?

The ‘Wistera' glass base is such an adaptable lamp, I love the antique finish to it and looks especially fine with my scallop shade!

The scallop shade paired with the Wisteria in clear glass. Image: Matilda Goad.

You can see more of Matilda's projects and buy her shades, prints and more on her website. And you can follow her on Instagram here.

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