Sleek, contemporary brass table lamps

Want your lighting to stand above the riff raff? Try a smart brass column of a table lamp…

If you’re looking for table lamp that’s quietly authoritative, unobtrusively smart, sexily confident and impervious to the whims of fashion, then look no further than brass. Specifically, look for sleek brass columns – possibly in black - that will stand proud and tall in your sitting room or at your bedside, proclaiming your quality. Here are five new brass table lamps we’ve added to our collection this season. They are all, of course, perfectly contemporary, yet perfectly timeless classics (if we do say it ourselves).

1. Black Monday

Black Monday table lamp - shop here

The essence of the minimalist approach to design is that less can be more. Simple lines and colours, quality materials and a careful finish. Get it right and minimalism will always look cool and contemporary. We’ve taken that approach with the new Black Monday table: it’s a simple 46cm brass column in black atop a grey marbled base. Pair it with a block colour empire parchment shade and quite simply it will never go out of style. The floor lamp version is equally impeccably tasteful.

2. Chukka

Chukka table lamp - shop here

The Sunday Times recently featured the floor lamp version of Chukka in their pick of this season’s lighting so it’s bang on trend – this is the 45cm tall table lamp version. It’s solid heavy brass, in either a mellow antiquated brass finish or a deep rich bronze. But despite the weight it’s nevertheless beautiful and delicate and vaguely organic and bamboo-ish. Will work in almost any environment and décor scheme, including exotic floral-adorned rooms. As well as the table lamp and floor lamp we've worked Chukka into a lovely little wall light. Check out all the Chukka family here.

3. Batar

Batar table lamp - shop here

This one is all about the detail. The Batar's column is adorned with some Moorish-style patterning. The lighter-coloured base and top are exquisitely carved. It’s a substantial 49cm tall.

We’ve paired it above with an Eau-de-Nil Ikat empire shade, and the whole effect is of a rare antique smuggled back from the covered bazaars of Casablanca by your adventurous great-aunt.

4. Trindle

Trindle in antiqued brass - shop here

The Trindle spindle is another timeless table lamp style – classical in feel, like a Staunton chess set. It’s 45cm tall and slender, just 14cm at the base. Ideal if you want to create a feeling of space in its setting.

It comes in two finishes. We like the antiqued bronze finish (above) with a patterned, colourful lampshade like the Cream Tipu Tiger empire shade. The lighter brass finish Trindle (below) is a delight with pinks and vibrant colours.

Trindle in brass - shop here

4. Cleo

Cleo table lamps, larger and smaller - shop here

A classical designer table lamp with gravitas, the Cleo has serious curves. Larger (49cm) and smaller (39cm) versions are available. They’re paired here with our new tall tapered velvet lampshades, which would be perfect if you’re going for a luxurious boudoir sort of feel. And why wouldn't you? Have browse of all our current designer table lamps here. And use our website to have a play around mixing and matching lampshades for your perfect lighting look.