Gorgeous glaze – five new ceramic table lamps

What's even better than a gorgeous ceramic vase? A gorgeous ceramic vase that's also a table lamp, of course...

One of the best things about designer table lamps (and there are so very many great things) is that they give you an excuse to sneak some top notch ornamentation into your house. You may not feel justified in treating yourself by splashing out on a beautiful handmade ceramic vase for that side table, even though it would look so good… But if that beautiful vase happens to double up as a table lamp, well then it’s a positive bargain. An absolute steal. Indeed, you’d be foolish not to buy one, wouldn’t you? At Pooky we’ve always loved a bit of fine pottery - as you can see from our full range of ceramic table lamps here. And this Autumn we’ve added five new beauties in a range of colour glazes. Here they are…

Lolita table lamp

Lolita table lamp with a stone glaze

The Lolita is the very slightly smaller version of our old Lola light. A lovely, curvy, classic urn shape that works in a few different colour glazes. We’ve gone for a simple stone glaze, as well as a gorgeous, rich turquoise and a striking deep emerald green.

Lolita table lamp with turquoise glaze

Lolita table lamp with emerald glaze

Lolita is 44cm high with a width of 18cm and is perfect for a side table or dresser. Shop the Lolita and play around with different shades and colours here.

Lolita bedside lamp

Lolita bedside lamp in stone

For a smaller space try the bedside version of Lolita: same shape but a dainty 33cm high and 13m wide. She comes in the stone or the emerald. How about a matching pair for either side of a double bed (or even better, one of each colour for a mismatching pair).

Lolita bedside lamp in emerald

Shop the Lolita bedside lamp here. And find more designer bedside lamp ideas in this blog post.

Roger table lamp

Roger table lamp in stone glaze

A fine, upstanding column which looks a tiny bit like a banister. So we called it Roger (after, yes… Sir Roger Bannister. Obviously). Roger is 43cm high and a slender 9cm and comes in a stone or a turquoise glaze. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent-sized mantelpiece we think a pair of these, one at either end, would look absolutely terrific. But Roger will look impeccable anywhere, really.

Roger in turquoise 

Lottie regular table lamp

Lottie regular size table lamp

Lottie is a classic urn shape, but the twist is in the pattern – bold, stylish vertical cobalt stripes added to the glaze. Actually Lottie is a real favourite has been one of our bestsellers for a while – but up until now she’s only been available in a large size. So we’ve introduced a slightly smaller version (which we’re calling ‘regular’) which is 44cm high and 18cm wide. Perfect for side table, guaranteed to draw gasps of admiration. Shop the Lottie regular table lamp here.

… and Lottie bedside lamp

Lottie bedside lamp

And we’ve also made a dinky little Lottie – 31cm high and 14cm – ideal for a bedside, mantelpiece or a small corner table. Pretty. Shop the bedside Lottie here.

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