Quiz: which ceiling light style are you?

Are you a cool modernist or a glitzy chandelier? Take this quiz to find your perfect pendant light style…

You’ve found the perfect table lamp – now find out what kind of ceiling light is your ideal match, with our quiz! 

Ceiling lights come in a dazzling range of different styles, from eye-catching crystal chandeliers, to traditional glass and brass pendants, and oh-so-chic contemporary numbers. But which one makes you shine?

Just answer these questions and all will be revealed…

1. Where would you spend your ideal day out?

A) Atop a float at the Notting Hill carnival, surrounded by gyrating dancers
B) MoMA in NYC (and if you have to look up those acronyms, it’s not for you)
C) A leisurely afternoon punt along the Cam followed by tea and crumpets
D) Factory tour
E) Obscure boutique festival in deepest Dorset

Perfect day out? Punting on the Cam (Photo: scudamores.com via Creative commons

2. Preferred night in front of the TV?

A) Strictly, followed by RuPaul’s Drag Race
B) Stranger Things binge
C) Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version with Colin Firth, naturally)
D) The 1927 German futurist cinema classic Metropolis 
E)  Breakfast at Tiffany’s followed by The Breakfast Club (because why not?)

3. Who’s at the top of your playlist?

A) Shirley Bassey 
B) Dua Lipa 
C) Violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti
D) Gary Numan 
E) Bjork

shirley bassey
Top of your playlist? (Photo: Joe Haupt via Creative commons)

4. What will you do in the next life?

A) Theatrical producer, director, writer and star
B) App designer
C) Horse trainer
D) Engine driver
E) Sky diving instructor or professional artist (or both at the same time)


5. And finally, your desert island essential?

A) Unlimited supply of Moet – if I'm stranded, I'll be stranded in style
B) iPhone 14 pro
C) The Times crossword (peace and quiet at last!)
D) Authentic Swiss army knife
E) A beautiful flowing sarong of the softest Sea Island cotton
Your desert island survival kit? (Photo by Sara on Unsplash)

How did you do?

Now tot up your answers and find your ideal ceiling light match below…

Mostly As: Show-stopper

You’re all about the bling… In fact, you’re basically a human chandelier. So shine on with one of our gorgeous, shimmering crystal chandeliers – like the big, beautiful teardrop that is our Lachrymose. So pretty it makes us feel all misty-eyed.   

lachrymose chandelierLachrymose crystal chandelier

See our range of affordable designer chandeliers in all their glory.

Mostly Bs: Contemporary 

If it’s not now, it’s yesterday. You love slick, elegant contemporary design. Enter the Cookie in spring blue with its clean lines and stone interior, which give it a cool, contemporary vibe. 

cookie in spring blueLarger Cookie pendant in spring blue with a stone interior

Browse our contemporary ceiling lights here

Mostly Cs: Traditional  

Class and simplicity: you appreciate the traditional touch, which makes you the perfect match for our art deco-esque Round Roddy flush ceiling light, with its beautiful clear glass rods which let the light twinkle and shine stylishly through. 

Roddy flush ceiling light

Take a tour of our traditional ceiling lights

Mostly Ds: Industrial 

Where function and elegance meet (and fall in love!) You like classic designs with a cool industrial edge – like our Scandi inspired Thea pendant light, available in brass, bronze and this gorgeous glowing copper.

thea in copper

Thea ceiling light in copper with copper interior

See more industrial style ceiling lights here.

Mostly Es: Unusual 

Elegant and gorgeous, with a twist...You just love things that are one-of-a-kind – like our Stella pendant light in antique brass, our distinctive take on the classic glass and brass lantern. It’s written in the stars…

giant stella pendant
Giant Stella pendant light in clear glass

Check out more of our unusually beautiful ceiling lights.


Congratulations on finding your perfect match – now meet the family! Visit our complete range of beautiful, affordable designer ceiling lights.

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Image top: Paula Satijin via Creative Commons