Quiz: Which table lamp style are you?

Are you contemporary chic or a little bit boho? Find out which table lamp style would be your ideal match, with our quiz!

Gorgeous and versatile, table lamps are the little gems of the lighting world. But with so many styles out there, how on earth do you choose? Well, perhaps the first step is to understand your own style… Are you a traditionalist or a modernist, a statement-maker or a minimalist? 

Our quiz is designed to help you find your perfect partner (in lighting terms, anyway)... the lamp that simply says ‘This is me’.

Just answer these questions…


1. Who would be your dream dinner party guest?

A) Elon Musk
B) Ru Paul
C) Steve Jobs
D) Marilyn Monroe
E) Florence Welch (of And The Machine fame)
F) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

An interesting table lamp poses with Marilyn Monroe in 'Don't Bother to Knock' (1952). But is she your ideal dinner guest? Image: Public domain.


2. What would you wear to the dream dinner party?

A) Anything by Stella McCartney, plus Jimmy Choos
B) Something red and racy. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And thigh high leather boots.
C) Little black dress, kitten heels
D) A swing dress with matching shoes
E) The sort of pretty and flowing thing that Stevie Nicks rocks so well; glitter wedges
F) A classic cocktail dress/Twin set and pearls, court shoes


3. Where would you go to have it?

A) Sky Garden, in the Walkie Talkie building
B) Chef's table at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
C) Nobu London
D) Wimpy
E) This amazing little Nepalese place in the basement of the arts cinema
F) Stein’s Fish and Chips


4. How would you get there?

A) The latest Tesla
B) Yellow Lamborghini 
C) Santander Cycle
D) On the back of a classic Lambretta
E) Sit-up-and-beg bicycle with basket and bell
F) The Rolls or the Rover

A classic Italian Lambretta, circa 1966. But would you hop on the back?
Image credit.


5. Pre-dinner drink?

A) A rhubarb infused rum
B) Sex on the Beach
C) Vodka Martini (shaken not stirred)
D) Babycham, in original glass
E) Chateauneuf du pape (a pint of)
F) Gin, with Dubonnet if they have it and tonic if not


6. Where would you stay the night afterwards?

A) The iconic Burj Al Arab ‘sail’ hotel, Dubai
B) Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
C) A pod capsule hotel in Tokyo
D) A motel on Route 66
E) A messy weekend break in an obscure boutique hotel run by artists
F) The Ritz, naturally.

The unmistakeable Burj Al Arab ‘sail’ hotel- but is it your dream getaway or worst nightmare? Image credit.



How did you do?

Simply tot up your answers and find your table lamp match below…

Mostly As: Contemporary

You’re thoroughly modern and love the latest thing, which makes you the perfect match for our super-chic contemporary table lamps - like the Longford...

Longford table lamp in brass and olve acrylic

 Check out more of Pooky's contemporary table lamps here.

Mostly Bs: In yer face

Big, bright, bold and brave, you just love to make a statement. Partner up with our fun and funky In yer face table lamps, such as the glorious ceramic show-off Anetta...

larger anetta table lampLarger Anetta ceramic table lamp in turquoise 

 Get a load of Pooky's In yer face table lamps here.


Mostly Cs - Minimalist

Less is more. Say no more… with sleek and unobtrusively smart minimal table lamps - like the beautifully simple Pick in pure brass...

Pick table lamp in antiqued brass

 More minimalist table lamps this way.


Mostly Ds: Retro

Style, class, with a just a dash of nostalgia. Step back in time and celebrate iconic design with our gorgeous retro table lamps - like the Porcini, our take on the classic midcentury mushroom lamp concept...

Porcini table lamp in black with antique brass finish

Browse all the retro table lamps here.


Mostly Es: Boho

You’re a free spirit. Crack open a bottle of red and live your best life with our beautiful Boho table lamps, like this lovely rounded canvas of mosaic magic, the Jaggery... 

jaggeryJaggery table lamp in navy and off-white bone

Waft decadently through Pooky's Boho table lamps here.


Mostly Fs: Traditional

Effortlessly sophisticated, you appreciate the timeless classics. Find your happy ever after with our Traditional table lamps, like the very upstanding Trafalgar...

Larger Trafalgar table lamp in bronze

Inspect Pooky's traditional table lamps here.


So there you have it - now go find your lighting soulmate, we just know you'll be perfect together...Browse all Pooky's affordable designer table lamps here.