Q&A with Jane Bonsor of Korla

Korla was set up by designer Jane Bonsor in 2011, selling original and evocative printed interiors textiles and home accessories. Finding inspiration from western roots and eastern travels, creating playful prints on high-quality, natural interior textiles. Bold colours, iconic motifs and strong patterns are Korla’s style, and for these reasons we paired up with them to create a small range of Korla fabric lampshades. We asked Jane Bonsor a few questions about her personal style...

Sorano in chocolate - shop here

Sorano in chocolate with a Korla inkat in blue shade - shop here

There’s nothing we love more than bright colours and pattern - two things that are fundamental to Korla. Tell us, where do you get your inspiration from?

All over the place! I don't know how inspiration evolves but it somehow seeps in through a mixture of the exciting and the mundane. Travel and exhibitions are obviously inspiring, but patterns can emerge from a photo, or a found leaf, or an antique textile scrap collected years ago.

How would you describe the style in your home?

An absolute mixture. We've moved 9 times since I've been married, and are about to move again - hopefully that will be the last move for quite some time. We've lived in all sorts of places from Shanghai to Ladbroke Grove and I've picked up a myriad of furniture, fabrics and pictures from everywhere we've been. I don't think it could be classified as one 'style' but I think it's unified by the fact each thing is something I love. That said, I do try to pick colours thoughtfully, and I edit quite frequently to avoid clutter!


Inkat cushion in ink blue from Korla

What’s your favourite room in your house? Does lighting play a big part?

At the moment we are living in a 1960s apartment on the 8th floor of a block in west London, in the day sun pours in through the windows. To make the most of the view we don't have any blinds so at night, so lighting is key. It's essentially an open plan room, so I use a variety of table lamps to zone areas. I've got a couple of mid century inspired Foinaven lights by Pooky on the desk area and then the lovely Saba in magenta with inky blue Korla inkat lampshades by the sofas which are very dramatic and give off a soft evening light. Pink and Ink is such a fabulous mix.


Pooky Saba Lamp in Magenta with Korla Inkat Shade - Shop here

We believe mixing and matching colour and pattern can make for some stunning results – so you have any top tips on how to do this in the home?

I am a big fan of mixing prints and layering different scales of pattern. I usually have quite neutral coloured walls and sofas, and then add layers of colour, texture and pattern through rugs, cushions and lampshades. I normally have a fairly controlled colour palette and then mixing and matching anything that I love within that colour range. Currently we are working on some new embroidered linens and wallpapers to the Korla collection to reflect how we use our patterns in a room.

Pooky Bobboli Console Table Lamp in Blue £100, Empire Shade in Yellow Silk Ikat £72

Bobboli Lamp in Blue - Shop here

Finally we’ve got to ask you, what is your favourite Pooky light and why?

...can I pick two? I really love the green marble base of the Herbert, it's solid form and deep dark green seem ancient and earthy. I also adore the Bobboli resin lamp, the resin plays with the light and picks up the colour of the lampshades. We've used these lights in a number of interiors projects and they always looks great.

Check out Jane's fabulous Korla website here - and for more interviews with our favourite designers, interior design tips and much more, have a look at our blog.