My Pooky! We reveal our favourite lights in our own homes

During the coronavirus lockdown Pooky is still very much in business - we’re processing online orders and keeping our warehouse working by operating split shifts and observing the proper social distancing. But of course, it’s not quite business as usual: with the showrooms closed our customer service teams are answering your calls and emails from home. So in the search for interiors inspiration, we thought, why not share our personal Pooky picks from our own homes? We’ve been doing it in on Instagram with the hashtag #MyPooky. Here’s a selection, along with links to bag your own...

Robyn’s Artur

This is from the abode of customer service and photoshop whizz Robyn: "For me the Artur is a timeless piece. It goes with pretty much everything and I love the fact it is hand painted. It also reminds me of my Grandma as when I was younger she used to make the best artichoke pasta bake, that I've never been able to recreate!” Shop the Artur here.

Jo’s Crescent

Here’s a sneak peek into the home of our brilliant Production manager Jo: “Our crescent lamps are a Pooky classic design by the lovely Sophie Amini. They have the cool mid century vibe that never goes out of fashion and the jade tall tapered shades have the strong outline that goes so well with them... What’s not to love?” Shop the Crescent here.

Charley’s Chukka

This is our production chica Charley’s decidedly chic Chukka. “I was living in a bit of a sad studio rental and I wanted a bedside light for our room, to make it feel more cosy. I picked the shade first: Peacock is possibly my favourite Pooky shade colour, so much so I have now painted my new lounge in a very similar colour! I went with the Chukka because it was so simple and it was the perfect height base for my low bedside table. It is now pride of place in the lounge with our matching walls and goes on every evening." Shop the Chukka here.

Olly’s Farrell

The Farrell is essentially an overgrown desk lamp in solid brass, and as a lover of Pixar films and the our e-commerce manager Olly chose the Farrell floor lamp to make its home in his flat. It was a no-brainer for him, it adjusts to just about any angle he needs, while only taking up a diddy amount of square footage. P.S The bike is purely decoration and on his own admission, has never been ridden. 

Daisy’s Wisteria

Daisy manages the Sales Team and also our endlessly beautiful Instagram feed. “One of the positives I have been able to find during this strange situation is the opportunity to spend some time back in the house I grew up in. My old bedroom has had some serious upgrades since my childhood decor of Boyzone posters and lava lamps and the finishing touch has definitely been my fave Wisteria Table lamps and blue Sesia marbled Lampshades.......I still miss Boyzone though…”. Shop the Wisteria.

Lose yourself in our Instagram here, and browse all of Pooky’s lamps and shades - many currently outrageously discounted - on our site.

(Pictured top is Pooky customer service superstar Jade, with her pick, the Fogarty table lamp in mootard.)