Meet the interior design expert: Georgina Blaskey of SheerLuxe

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Ahead of our special event this month, we chat to Georgina Blaskey, Senior Interiors and Homes Editor at Sheerluxe...

"...It’s amazing how the same room can feel completely different, or have a completely different purpose, purely by how it’s lit...I actually find it really calming at the end of the day to go around and turn on the lamps. I enjoy the ritual; it marks a shift from the productivity of the working day to the relaxing mood of the evening...."

Georgina Blaskey is the Senior Interiors & Homes Editor, and a podcast host, at Since 2019 she has been celebrating the latest brands and creators at the forefront of design, as well as interviewing established interior designers and discovering rising stars.

Ahead of Pooky’s In Conversation event with Georgina in our Chelsea showroom on 23 April, we wanted to get to know a little more about her background, her interior design philosophy, and what’s exciting her in 2024. Here’s our Q&A…


As Senior Homes & Interiors Editor at SheerLuxe, what does your typical work day look like?
At SheerLuxe, we’re in our Clapham HQ four days a week, and as I live in Wandsworth, my day starts with a morning bike ride over both Wandsworth and Clapham commons to get to work. I love my commute as it gives me 20 minutes of fresh air and head space to shift into work mode.

My typical office day involves meeting with the editorial team to discuss the content calendar for the week, then checking over that day’s story before it goes live. We publish daily and I work about 10 days in advance, planning features and lining up interviews, so a lot of my day is spent sourcing images, products, liaising with PRs and talking to interior designers, as well as noticing trends and developing story ideas.

I love the house tours we run on site, and more and more we’re filming homes in and around London, which involves a day out the office with the video team. I host the SheerLuxe team podcast with my colleagues, so some days are spent planning and discussing themes and ideas. I also co-founded the SheerLuxe BookClub about nine months ago, so often I’ll be researching which book to consider and who to invite as a guest. Once any filmed or recorded content has been done, there’s a few rounds of edits and then it’s ready to release.

The interiors industry is really social, with lots happening, particularly in spring and autumn; often I’ll have a few events a week, either breakfast meetings or dinners, so I’m in central London a few times a week too. It’s such a inspiring world to be part of.

Tell us a little about your background – how did you get started in the world of interiors and what was the journey to your current role?
I started out in magazine journalism, working in women’s lifestyle titles following a post-graduate magazine diploma after university. My first job was at M&S customer magazine, then Country Living and then Company. When I was on maternity leave, I decided to continue as freelance and worked for a number of titles, including parenting titles and London-based magazines, which covered a lot around property. This led to more interiors writing and when a part-time role came up SheerLuxe, where I was already freelancing, for an interiors editor, I jumped at the chance.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I’m definitely a people person, I think most journalists are! I love hearing someone’s story, whether they’re an international hotel designer or artisan potter. Where do they get their inspiration, what drives them to wake up and create/design each day, how did they get to where they are, what do they love about their work…everyone’s journey is fascinating to me and all of us have a story to share.

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We think of SheerLuxe as a bit like the cool best friend who knows all the best new places to go and things to buy… So, what’s particularly exciting you in homes and interiors right now, and who should we all be following on Instagram?
I do love neutrals, but currently I’m enjoying the revival of colour that’s coming in. At the start of the year, we fell in love with browns - from caramel to toffee to chocolate, these tones were cocooning and comforting. Now for SS24, it’s about this lovely warm primrose yellow, which is everywhere. I’ll be using it as an accent colour with ceramics and textiles, such as table linen.

I love Instagram for interiors, especially global designers who we don’t see so much in publications over here. From Australia I love Arent&Pyke (@arentpykestudio), Tamsin Johnson (@tamsinjohnson) and Phoebe Nicol (@phoebenicol.interiors). From the US I’m into Hadley Wiggins (@hadleywiggins_) and Whittney Parkinson (@whittneyparkinson). And from Scandinavia I love Katharina (@happyhomecopenhagen) – amongst many others!

From the UK, I adore Laura Stephens (@laurastephensid) for her clever use of colour, and Bee Osborn (@osborninteriors) for her considered approach to neutrals (and her honesty on life in general).

Have you noticed any big changes over the years in terms of people’s relationship to their homes and interior design (for example, do you think the pandemic lockdowns made people think differently about home?)
I’m intrigued by how the space in which we live impacts us. Whether it’s a rented house or a forever home, our interiors matter - and, of course, the pandemic really opened our eyes to how we live in these spaces, and how they make us feel. They reflect our personality and style, they are our sanctuary from the outside world, they are a place to create memories with friends and family.

What I love about interiors is that you don’t need a big budget to make a home feel good. Small accessories, such as a new lamp or a cushion, can make a big difference, and everyone has the chance to explore their creative side when considering how to make their home come together.

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Tell us about your own home… What makes you happiest about it? And is it perfect just how it is or are you always tinkering and adding?
In my home, the overriding colour scheme is fairly neutral; it gives me the perfect backdrop to switch things up in smaller ways. Working in interiors, I’m naturally drawn to the new products and ideas that I see, so it comes as no surprise that I’m always tinkering around at home, whether that’s in a small way, such as changing a rug or adding a new lampshade or redecorating – I love to repaint a room to switch things up, especially in children’s rooms as they grow and their preferences change.

As with fashion, our style evolves as we grow and our families change, so I know my framework but there’s plenty of scope to change things as I wish.

How important is lighting to you in the home?
So important! I love a layered lighting scheme. I rarely switch on overhead lights, even in a kitchen. I like to create pockets of lights using lamps, wall lights and dimmers. It’s amazing how the same room can feel completely different, or have a completely different purpose, purely by how it’s lit. I think I have a minimum of four lamps in every room in my home, plus additional wallights and spots. I’m also really into rechargeable lamps – whether you want contemporary or traditional, the design options are so good now. I use them on coffee tables, in hallways and at the dining table to create atmosphere at dinner parties.

I actually find it really calming at the end of the day to go around and turn on the lamps. I know there are clever technical ways to have them all on one programmed switch, but I enjoy the ritual; it marks a shift from the productivity of the working day to the relaxing mood of the evening.


Twinky rechargeable wall light

And finally, do you have a favourite Pooky light?
That’s such a tough question! As I said, I’m really into rechargeable lamps and Pooky is nailing this, especially with the new range of wall lights – perfect if you want to add one later without chasing a wall and running a cable; I have the Twinky (above) on my shopping list.

But I do love the Phileas rechargeable lamp in antique brass (below) - I believe it's the first one Pooky launched and it’s still my favourite. I pair it with a marbled red and white shade.


Phileas rechargeable lamp in antique brass, designed by Matthew Williamson for Pooky


Follow Georgina on Instagram at @georginablaskey.

georgina blasky pooky event

Pooky in conversation with SheerLuxe

Tuesday 23rd April, 14:00
Pooky, Furniture & Arts Building 533 Kings Road London

Pooky founder Rohan Blacker and Head of Design Jo Plant sit down with Georgina Blaskey, Senior Home & Interiors Editor at SheerLuxe, in their Chelsea showroom to discuss how to create versatile lighting combinations, the best way to layer lights, how to embrace lighting trends without compromising timeless design, and more!

This event is part of the Chelsea Design Quarter Springtime Sessions taking place from 23rd – 25th April in partnership with the BIID.

Please note there will be a £5 booking fee and the funds will go to support the Furnishing Futures charity.

Book your place here.