Dining room lighting - ideas and inspiration from the interior design experts

rita chandelier The dining room is all about atmosphere – and it's where a lighting scheme really comes into its own. From creating a warm, inviting space, to making a bold design statement, here are examples from four very talented interior designers who have used lighting to bring the dining room to life…


1) Define a dining area with a row of pendant lights

barabara ramani dining room
Dining room by Barbara Ramani. Photo by Fiona Murray

Pendant lights are a great way to define a specific dining area within an open plan space. With a long dining table, try a row of pendant lights suspended quite low (odd numbers of three or five work best, depending on the size of the table). 

Here, interior designer Barbara Ramani has used three of our larger Aquila pendant lights, with their lovely elegant teardrop shape, to delineate this dining zone. The chic, mouth-blown glass of the pendants provides a nice contrast with the more industrial look of the concrete and brass dining table. 

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2) Add warmth and ambience to the dining room with wall lights

octavia dickinson dining room
Room by Octavia Dickinson. Photo: Helen Cathcart

Wall lights and sconces are a lovely alternative to overhead lighting, and they offer a layer of warm, intimate (and flattering) light which is just perfect for entertaining guests. 

Here, interior designer Octavia Dickinson has illuminated this low-ceilinged dining room by using a combination of our Double Chukka and Cagney wall lights in antiqued brass. 

This is a pub dining room but the principle very much applies in the home: wall lights like the Chukka and Cagney don’t just bring in light, they set a design tone - and you can choose from oodles of shades to find the look you want for your space. See our full range of designer wall lights and sconces here.

3) Create a focal point with a statement hanging pendant light

style fairy borealis

A large pendant light will provide plenty of practical light in a dining room, and it’s also a great way of creating a focal point. 

Here, the brilliant Naomi Clarke (aka @the_style_fairy) has styled her dining room with our larger Borealis lantern in clear glass providing a centrepiece over the dining table that makes the whole room cohere. With its 30 pieces of bevelled glass, this decagonal lighting wonder is also a splendid talking point. 

(Naomi has also snuck in another Pooky classic: a floor lamp topped with a black and white printed linen Ikat shade balances the scene beautifully…)  

4) Make a ‘wow’ statement with a stunning chandelier 

rita chandelier

The dining room is of course the natural home of the chandelier. An eye-popping chandelier suspended over the dining table gives you loads of light but above all that wow factor. It’s the chance to surprise and amaze and make a statement, so don’t miss out – whether you’re opting for a big booming glass and brass explosion, or a more sleek and contemporary look. 

Here, Leanne of @paint_paste_prosecco has chosen the very glam larger Rita chandelier, with its four dazzling tiers of clear blown glass droplets. Take a look at our current range of wondrous chandeliers here.

Pooky make beautiful lights for beautiful rooms. Browse our full range of dining room lighting here. 

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