Where to place a chandelier - in any size home or space

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When it comes to adding the wow factor, nothing beats a chandelier – and you really don’t need to live in a mansion to have one! Whatever size space you have available, there’s room for a really spectacular ceiling light if you know what you’re doing. Discover the best places to hang a chandelier, with our expert guide…

Chandeliers make a stunning centrepiece, and bring a real sense of elegance and luxury to a room. These days chandeliers come in all sorts of different styles, sizes and materials, meaning there’s one for every space – from the entrance hall to the dining room, the kitchen and even the bedroom.

Make an entrance with a hallway chandelier

An entrance hall provides that all-important first impression of your home. It's a chance to set the tone for your decor, make a statement about your style. And what better way to really make a statement than a jaw-dropping chandelier in your foyer?

villa todmorton lokiLoki chandelier, styled by @villa_todmorden

In a larger hallway, a multi-tiered chandelier can really make the most of the space – take the striking  Loki two tiered oval chandelier in brass, with its hand-worked antiqued brass frame and two layers of individually placed glass rods, which diffuse the light beautifully.

Or you might like a fun, colour-filled vibe, for example with Pooky's very popular multi-coloured Orb chandelier with its 70 individual frosted and bubbled glass roundels. Perfect for making an impression in a smaller hallway, or even a porch.

Tip: If your hallway leads off to multiple doorways, place the chandelier where you can see it from every room - perhaps via a mirror if necessary.

orb chandelierOrb chandelier with multi-coliured glass roundels



Use a chandelier to showcase your staircase

A chandelier is a fabulous way of lighting a staircase, whether it’s a grand open stairway or a narrower, more modest affair. 

starsky homes and renovationsStarksy chandelier via @homes_and_renovations

Placing a chandelier at the top of the landing will cast plenty of light down and along the stairway, while drawing the eye upwards and effectively opening up the space. Something glassy and showy, like the Starksy chandelier with clear recycled pressed glass strips, or the Rita chandelier with its myriad clear blown glass droplets, is perfect for showcasing your staircase.

Tip: If you have an open, L-shaped or winding staircase, try suspending a beautiful chandelier from the landing ceiling down into the stairwell. This creates a sense of light and space, and looks gorgeous from both upstairs and downstairs. 

Hanging a feature chandelier in the sitting room

A chandelier in the sitting room just exudes style and elegance, and will really elevate the space. Depending on the size and layout of the room, you can create a gorgeous centrepiece by suspending a chandelier from the middle of the sitting room ceiling, or by aligning it with an architectural feature, such as a fireplace, to create a sense of balance and harmony. 


Spot Pooky's Artemis chandelier, styled by @littleedwardian

You can go for a classic look, like the Capulet chandelier in brass i with its blown glass droplets and beads letting the light shine through, or something a little different like the Artemis circular chandelier with glass rods.

haloHalo chandelier

Meanwhile, the Halo chandelier is classy yet understated, with its perfect halo of polished solid brass and the opportunity to add your own personal touch with your choice of shades. Angelic in any sitting room. 

odinA very low-hung Odin chandelier

Tip: When hanging a chandelier in any space that’s a walking pathway, make sure that the bottom of the fixture sits no lower than 7 feet from the floor, to avoid bumping any heads. But in a sitting room you can go big and surprisingly low in certain spaces, for example, over a coffee table. 

Creating atmosphere in the kitchen with a chandelier 

Kitchens are often multipurpose spaces, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a touch of glamour, a kitchen island or table is the perfect place to hang a chandelier. As well as adding plenty of illumination, a chandelier will add bags of atmosphere – whether you're cooking, entertaining or just doing nothing much at all. 

 odinThe very versatile Odin chandelier, this time over a kitchen island


Our Pentabulous chandelier in antique brass is specifically designed with a kitchen island in mind (though it also looks great over a dining table!). Its long, stylish design hosts a run of five lights which can be combined with your choice of fabric, card, glass, brass or ceramic shades.

Meanwhile, for a contemporary take on the classic chandelier, our Bow Tie 6 arm chandelier in black with adjustable hoods makes a real style statement over a kitchen table. 

Pentabulius chandelier - perfect for kitchen islands

Tip: When choosing a chandelier for kitchen, opt for a style and material that complements your overall design theme. The Pentabulous chandelier is maximally flexible because you can match it with a variety of shades, from sleek contemporary metallics to warm, soft fabric shades.

Chandeliers in the dining room or kitchen-diner space

The dining room is a perhaps the most obvious place for a chandelier. It will create a fabulous centrepiece, as well as a great conversation piece. Whether it’s a formal gathering or a romantic tete-a-tete, a beautiful chandelier can create a lovely warm, intimate atmosphere and make a real style statement. 

startsky deb jones

paint paste prosecco ritaAbove: Starksy styled by @deborahjonesartist and below that, Rita by @paint_paste_prosecco

When lighting a dining room, base your entire lighting scheme around the dining table, and a whopping great chandelier placed over the centre of the table will make it the focal point.

Of course, not everyone has a dedicated dining room, but you can still have a chandelier! Use it to define the dining area in a more open plan space. 


Tip: When placing a chandelier over a dining table, you should position it so that the lowest point sits around 36 inches above the table surface.

Add a little romance with a bedroom chandelier 

Chandeliers have traditionally graced the hallways and drawing rooms of grand country houses for centuries. However, the bedroom is another lovely place to hang a chandelier, offering some extra luxury and sparkle. 

 romeo chandelierRomeo chandelier

A chandelier will look beautiful placed in the centre of the bedroom ceiling, or alternatively hung centrally over the bed. Try the Romeo crystal chandelier, a beautiful sparkling glass ball made from glittering beads and crystals, and a solid brass finial. Sure to bring an extra touch of romance to any boudoir! 

Tip: When hanging a chandelier over the bed, aim to match the scale of the chandelier to the size of your bed, and make sure it doesn’t hang too low. 


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