Brass and glass - the perfect combination for pendant lights

If you’re looking to bring some luxurious loveliness into your interiors, then how about some designer pendant lights in perhaps the most delicious combination of materials known to humanity? We speak, of course, of brass and glass...

Fred and Ginger, Bogey and Bacall, Renee and Renato – all fabulous pairings no doubt, but is any combination so glorious as that between brass and glass? Not for lamp materials anyway, we’d say. TLWIS100GLACLE

Wisteria table lamp in clear glass and brass - shop here

We first realised just how special the whole brass-and-glass thing is with the Wisteria table lamp, one of our all time smash hits. There’s something about that juxtaposition of a clear glass cylinder set in a solid brass base that just works – it’s so simple yet so beautiful. And probably because of that simplicity, it seems to be at home in any kind of interior scheme, from shabby chic to modernist to minimalist to retro – and anything in between, including tree houses. bobby

Bobby table lamp in brass and glass - Unfortunately the Bobby is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here.

We followed that up with the slightly more formal-looking Bobby – a smart glass box in an antique brass frame. But where we think glass-and-brass can really make a striking statement is in a large, dazzling pendant lamp: hanging proudly in any room, pouring forth lovely warm light. Here’s a quick buyer’s guide to what we came up with...

Woody – classic lantern with a modern twist

Woody brass lantern - Unfortunately the Woody is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of pendant lights here.  

A classic hexagonal ceiling lantern in brass and glass with a gentle modern twist, Woody is ideal for a landing or a front hall - or if you’re lucky enough to have one, over a bar.

Moore and Borealis – dazzling statement lamps

Moore lantern - shop here

See if you can work out why we called this lantern the Moore? Actually while it may resemble a football especially in this picture, but when you come face to face with it... wow! A very classy lantern when unlit.

Moore lantern - shop here

And when lit from within, the faces glow magically to create an enchanting lighting centrepiece. This is what you call a Statement Lamp... borealis

Borealis pendant light - shop here

....As indeed is the Borealis (above ), another big beauty with a diameter of 43cm and a height of 34cm. It consists of thirty pieces of bevelled glass, cleverly crafted in a decagonal frame of antiqued brass. Very grand.

Carrington – perfect for groups of lanterns

Carrington - shop here

With a diameter of 15cm and a height of 26cm the Carrington is a simple glass and antiqued brass lantern that's perfect for rows and groups, perhaps over a long dining table or down a hallway.

Luxor - elegant simplicity

luxor regular

We’re proud of the Luxor because we aimed for elegant simplicity and we think we hit it: a glass pendant with sloped sides framed in gently antiqued brass work. It comes in two sizes – both crying out for a designer light bulb.

Percy – perfectly adaptable

Percy - shop here

Percy is another glass and brass gem – and, like the classic Wisteria, we think it will work in just about any interior design scheme. The glass lantern has a gently flowing outline that’s oddly comforting and nostalgic when you see it close up. It’s such an adaptable thing that we do the Percy in three sizes for good measure.

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