Beautiful, unusual floor lamps in resin

A little while ago we discovered that resin was a terrific material for making table lamps. Turns out that it makes for beautiful, unusual floor lamps too... 

Resin was one of our surprise discoveries at Pooky. We found we could make all sorts of unusual and beautiful table lamp shapes from it – and they proved a hit with our customers too. As a material for lighting, resin has some very special qualities that set it apart from more traditional ones like wood and brass. It’s malleable, so we can experiment with unusual, almost organic shapes. And it’s very versatile in terms of colour, meaning we can try sorts of different tones – from matt blacks to translucent oranges and vibrant yellows that glow under a lightbulb. So naturally we wondered if it was possible to scale up and make equally impressive floor lamps out this marvellous material. And after a bit of design experimentation, we found that yes, indeed it was! The results were two new products, unlike pretty much anything else out there…

Coronet - a certain ceremonial elegance


Coronet in clear polished resin - shop here.

Another feature of resin is that it’s solid and weighty, so it makes for a good, reassuringly chunky standing lamp. But with the 145cm-tall Coronet we’ve produced a sculpted shape that it has a certain elegance. It’s a very grown-up floor lamp.


In the clear resin option there are hints of crystal, and it works very well against a bold coloured feature wall, such as a pink or a dark Farrow & Ball-style Inchrya Blue or a blue-grey . We’ve also designed the Coronet in a cool aquamarine...


Coronet in aquamarine - shop here and, as a contrast, in a lovely warming amber.


Coronet in amber - shop here.

Bamboo – a hint of the organic


Bamboo in amber - shop here

The other resin floor lamp shape we’ve come up with is the Bamboo, which stands at 140cm. In the amber colour it has an organic, woody feel, ideal for schemes with a bit of an indoor-outdoor feel or suggestions of flora and fauna. The deep green version of Bamboo meanwhile has a much sharper, more contemporary feel and would look really striking in a modern scheme against plain white walls.

 Bamboo Floor Lamp

Bamboo Floor Lamp

Bamboo in deep green - shop here

Pairing with a lampshade

We think that the resin floor lamps look very smart with our black-and-white ikat shades, or gathered cotton shades – but depending on your taste and room scheme they could work with parchment shades in a single block colour or even silk drums. Just make sure you go for a large shade to really make the floor lamp stand out in the room. Go to any resin floor lamp page and have play with our mix-and-match system to find your perfect lamp-and-shade combination.

Pairing with a resin table lamp


Bamboo table lamp in amber - Unfortunately the Bamboo table lamp is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of resin table lamps here

If you like the resin colours and shapes, why not enhance the effect by pairing your floor lamp with one of our resin table lamps? The Coronet would be perfectly complemented by the Aurora or Lucas. You can go for a similar colour, or try contrasting colours in the same shape.


Aurora table lamp in orange - shop here

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