Timeless lighting – 5 lamps that will never go out of style

Interior styles come and go – but some designs are forever. Here are five fashion-proof Pooky lamps and pendants that will work any place, any time…

There are some designs that stand the test of time, that remain effortlessly cool even as everything around them changes. Things that are both useful and beautiful, providing a simple, elegant solution to an eternal problem. Think Ray-ban Aviators, Rolex watches, little black dresses and Sir Roger Moore. So if you’re not one for following fads and fashions, here are five Pooky lamps for you. (And then again, even the most trend-conscious person needs a few standby items that will work in whatever scheme they come up with next, otherwise they’d go bankrupt)…

1. The Black Monday floor lamp

Black Monday floor lamp - shop here

A simple column in antiqued brass and black, set in a solid disc of marble. The Black Monday will still be cool at the end of time. You can put this floor lamp literally anywhere and it will add instant class. (The fashion-conscious can, of course, have fun changing the lampshade every season).

2. The Coolie Hat wall light

Smaller coolie hat wall light in blue - shop here

The phrase ‘design classic’ is perhaps overused, but if it applies to any wall light, it’s this one. The Coolie Hat shade is simple, beautiful and incredibly versatile. You can put them in rows down a corridor, tuck them into alcoves, use them as bedside lamps, build them into furniture or hang them as pendants. Options for colours and fitting styles are legion. Their immense usefulness makes them a favourite of interior designers - Lucy Barlow, for example, loves to have a few coolie hats ‘up her sleeve’ for ‘all sorts of applications like bookcases, cinema rooms and guest cloakrooms.’

3. The Priscilla glass pendant

Priscilla pendant light - shop here

It may not have the dazzle of a star-shaped lantern or the showiness of a chandelier, but for straightforward fashion-proof classiness the Priscilla clear blown glass pendant light can’t be topped. The secret is the shape: perfectly cylindrical at the top, and then tapering gently away, attached with a brass hanging ring. A great deal of work goes into making something this simple.

4. The Camus desk light

Camus desk light - shop here

When creating a designer desk lamp the aim is to find the exact sweet spot of maximum usefulness plus maximum beauty. It’s an elusive spot, but we think the Camus is a near as one could in all decency ask. It’s delicate and curvy and perhaps a little retro in its antique silver, and it’s also just really good for lighting a desk. Popular as a gift for the person who has everything.

5. The Wisteria table lamp

Wisteria in a ‘dream dressing room’ designed by Gallagher London (Image credit) for a Kensington artist's studio.

What constantly amazes us about the Wisteria – which has sort of become Pooky’s signature table lamp – is the sheer variety of interiors it pops up in. Interior designers have used it in everything from super-smart London penthouses to rural treehouses. The Wisteria has even played a cameo role in the BBC’s watercooler smash hit Doctor Foster. It’s a clear glass cylinder set in a solid brass base. And sometimes, that’s all you need.

Doctor Foster, starring a pair of Wisterias and some actors. Browse our full range of table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, desk lights and wall lights on our website.