All about: Ceramic table lamps

The best table lamps are as much about form as function: in broad daylight, when switched off, they should simply be beautiful objects adorning your room. And no material is better suited to that purpose than a lovely ceramic…

The Larger Lolita represents for us the classic designer ceramic table lamp. 

Larger Lolita table lamp

Larger Lolita in a turquoise glaze - shop here

It is, essentially, a beautiful vase. An elegantly-shaped urn which is expensive-looking but not ostentatious, classical in its curves… and which also happens to have a bulb in the top of it. There really is no kind of interior design theme (saving, perhaps, the most rigorous industrial scheme) that wouldn’t be enhanced by a Lola with a well-chosen shade. But there’s plenty more you can do with a bit of clay and some light fittings. Here’s a selection of our favourite ceramic table lamps to inspire you…

Classic ceramic lamps

If you want a classic ceramic lamp with a bit of historical weight and a story, then go for an urn in celadon, we always say. That distinctive jade celadon colour (also known as green ware) dates back to the Chinese Shang dynasty (1600BC–1046BC) so it’s stood the test of time. Our three-handled urn-style table lamp, paying homage to the tradition, is the Fingal:

Fingal - Unfortunately the Fingal is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here.  

And if handles are your thing there’s also the Calypso (named, for no reason whatsoever, after Jacques Cousteau's famous boat). It comes in a distinguished turquoise or this more strident striking Oxblood colour. calypso

Calypso in oxblood - Unfortunately the Fingal is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here.  

Contemporary ceramic lamps

We think of the Nellie as a contemporary piece of pottery, though ‘timeless’ might be another way of putting it. It comes in three colours: oxblood, emerald and this gorgeous turquoise glaze. It would work anywhere, but at 34cm tall and 22cm wide it could also make a really special bedside lamp. Pooky Nellie Table Lamp in Turqoise £60, Empire Lampshade in Pink Hand Block Printed Cotton £40 (5)

Nellie in turquoise - shop here

Another great thing about ceramics is that they can bring a lovely handmade feel into your décor. The stripy Lottie is hand-painted, so not every line is die straight – which is of course all the more charming and interesting.

Regular Lottie - shop here


Unusual ceramic table lamps

For something a little different, how about Roger? He's a smart, distinctive column of pottery and comes in a stone or a turquoise glaze. Unusual and striking anywhere - such as a mantelpiece.

Roger table lamp in stone glaze - Unfortunately the Roger is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here.  

Finally, what can you say about the Artur? Yes, it's an artichoke - a big, beautiful one. It comes in two sizes and a range of colours including turquoise, stone and a lovely leaf green. Here's the large citrus edition:

Large Artur ceramic lamp in citrus. Shop here.

And if you like that, take a look at more of our unusual table lamps here.

So that’s our guide to ceramic table lamps. All Pooky ceramic table lamps are finished with antique brass fittings and twisted silk flex for a traditional look. Browse our collection of ceramic table lamps here. Not sure if ceramics are for you? Take a look at our guide to buying a designer table lamp here.