The rechargeables revolution: 5 ways that beautiful cordless lights can transform your home life

rechargable lamps

As we launch a spectacular new range of rechargeable wall lights, table lamps and picture lights, it’s time for the biggest change in interior lighting for a century. Freed from the tyranny of wiring and plug sockets, you can see your home in a whole new, well, light…

Imagine if you could rearrange your lighting (including your wall lights) as easily as your ornaments.

Imagine if putting up a picture light was as simple as hanging the picture itself.

Imagine if every room, every space, every little nook and cranny in your home was within reach of some lovely, warm, cosy lamplight…

…Welcome to the rechargeables revolution!

rechargeables table

Redefining the rules of home lighting

Pooky kicked off the cordless light movement a few years ago with the Phileas table lamp designed by Matthew Williamson. Before then, rechargeable lights had all been ugly, or expensive, or both – but with the Phileas and our portable table lamps we changed all that, making moveable lights that are as beautiful as their corded cousins (and at sensible prices to boot).

But now we’re taking rechargeable lighting to the next level, with the launch of over 20 cordless lights, including wall lights, picture lights and table lamps of all styles, materials and sizes. It means that you can put almost any kind of light anywhere, with no need for complicated wiring or electrical help.

The revolutionary Phileas rechargeable table lamp finished in antique brass, designed by Matthew Williamson

And we think it really does herald a new era of unprecedented interior design freedom, throwing all the old lighting rules out of the window…

"For over a century, plugs and sockets have confined our lighting options and stifled creativity. With our cordless range, freedom reigns to meet the surging demand from both homeowners and renters looking for flexibility, convenience, and style in their living spaces. Our lights don't just illuminate rooms; they ignite boundless possibilities."
Rohan Blacker, Pooky founder


How it works - the magic of the Genesis cell

The beating heart of Pooky’s lighting innovation is the Genesis: a USB-C light-up cell. It replaces the traditional light bulb, and is a miraculous little thing for several reasons:

  • It lasts for ages. A single five hour charge gives it a whopping 15+ hours running time.
  • It’s dimmable – and casts a lovely light that you can adjust by tapping the top or using a remote control.
  • It's magnetic – which means that it easily clips into place onto our new lamp bases, meaning we're not limited when it comes to design.

      The result is truly revolutionary: rechargeable lights that require zero sacrifice in terms of beauty, practicality or ambience.

      Feeling inspired? You should be…

      chukka rechargeable wall lights and doorstop table lamp
      Look ma no wires!... Doorstop rechargeable table lamp in black marble and, on the walls, single Chukka rechargeable wall lights in antique brass

      5 ways the new rechargeable lights can transform your home – and your home life

      1) Make every space in your home work for you 

      Turn that awkward corner into a cosy reading nook; illuminate those high shelves and mantelpieces; cast some light on the conservatory. Working from home? With a portable table lamp you can turn the dining table, kitchen island or any flat surface into a workspace with an instant desk light… 

      Freed from the tyranny of wiring, plug sockets and extension leads, you can see your home in a whole new lightTake some time to look around your home, it’s amazing what possibilities can open up with truly freeform lighting.


      2) Turn your walls into a creative canvas 

      Wall lights are gorgeous features in a room: they look stunning and they allow you to play around with different lighting layers and arrangements for different moods. But until now they’ve been pretty tricky things to work with: you need an electrician, a load of complex wiring – and once you’ve got them up, they’re permanently fixed in that position. 

      But with rechargeable wall lights you just need a couple of screws and you’re away! And you can experiment: try out different angles, heights, groupings. Plus, they’re yours forever: easy to take down and take with you when you move house or want to change up your room. 

      Meanwhile, you can fix a cordless picture light above an artwork with little more effort than it takes to hang the actual picture. Suddenly your walls become canvases for your interior design creativity. Express yourself!

      little rattle wall light
      Marcel rechargeable picture light in bronze - and below it,  the smaller Rattle rechargeable table lamp in woven rattan

      3) Change your home up with the seasons - or your mood

      When you can move your lights around at will, you have almost unlimited options for creating moods. Rooms can be open and airy in the summer, and then in the winter you can bring the lamps in close for some cosy comfort. When guests come round, cordless table lamps make perfect dinner table centrepieces – more convenient than a candelabra and perfect for a romantic dinner or feast with friends. 

      Or how about mood lighting in the bathroom? Place a table lamp on a chair near the tub and turn your bathroom into a warmly lit, spa-like haven…


      4) Take the inside outside: easy al fresco lighting

      One of our absolute favourite uses of a portable lamp is al fresco lighting. Pop one on the picnic table as the sun sets on a warm summer evening; or have one glowing away as you chat late into the night on the balcony…This is how lighting can make life just that little bit lovelier. 

      wee scoon
      Wee Scoon rechargeable table light in shale

      5) Spread the love

      One more thing about rechargeable lights: they make absolutely terrific gifts, because they’re beautiful, unusual and very very useful. That’s especially the case for home renters – so if you have some of those in your life, birthdays and Christmases are sorted for the foreseeable….

      What can you do with beautiful cordless lights? Browse the new rechargeable lighting collection here – and do tag us on Instagram (@pookylights), we’d love to see what creative interior design masterpieces you come up with..