Pooky x Archive Collection

The Pooky x Archive collaboration

Following an insightful visit with the Archive team, and an introduction to some of the recently recoloured prints from Arts & Crafts icons including Henry Dearle, Pat Etheridge, and CFA Voysey, we selected six designs that we believed would transpose best as shades. Adding yet another layer of playfulness to the collection, we also created our first ever fringed shades, available in two show stopping shapes. The range comprises two cotton, and four linen varieties, with the linen fabric being optimal for showcasing the more detailed patterns representative of the Arts & Crafts era. Available in a range of sizes to suit wall fittings, accent lamps, pendants and oversized floor lighting – each designed to marry modern influences with classic colour combinations for a new generation of design aficionados. Accompanying the collection of extravagant shades are three striking, lacquered wood bases inspired by over-the-top Art Deco influences. Captivating colours of cobalt blue, flamingo pink and lime green pair perfectly with shades from the collection, combining bohemian style with a hefty dose of decadence.

"There may be no fabric house in the UK with a larger and more enticing archive than Sanderson...so when we heard that they were launching Archive by Sanderson Design, their library of jazzed up, pattern-tastic updates of some of their classic designs, we got thoroughly over-excited.  And then imagine how wobbly we got when they suggested we team up with them to create a range of lights and shades...well exactly.  We are thrilled to be working with this hugely prestigious brand, and even more thrilled with the resulting collection of colourful bases and vibrant shades....thank you for the opportunity to all the brilliant team at Sanderson!" - Rohan Blacker

"We are over the moon to see Archive prints brought to life with this gorgeous collection of lampshades. Treasures from our iconic archive have been reimagined in wonderful, unusual shapes and sizes, reigniting the icons of interior design though bold print and patterns. Pooky, with their legendary love of lighting, uphold the same values we do when it comes to making a statement with your shades and creating spaces to inspire" - Charlotte Gibson, Lead Designer at Archive.


Why these patterns?

"We chose the prints with the team at Archive based on some of their most recently re-coloured designs, thinking about ones that would look amazing as shades, subsequently creating three brand new shade shapes for those that needed something a little bit different!"- Jo Plant, Head of Design