Pooky x Morris & Co.

We’re pleased as punch to announce our latest collaboration with one of the biggest names in design history - William Morris. It’s a bit like being asked to have a musical jam with Mozart. We’ve worked with iconic British brand Morris & Co. to produce a specially curated range of designs from the William Morris archives.

Pooky and Morris & Co. have hand picked five exciting designs in eight distinctive colourways after a tour of the fantastic Morris & Co. vaults to create this striking new collection of shades.

Designed by William Morris himself, we’ve curated a selection of recently recoloured prints to be transformed into Pooky shades, in our classic shapes and a brand new scallop range! Using two of our favourite materials - Silk and Linen. 

The two silk pieces are an inspiring rendition of some of the most iconic and intricate of the Morris & Co. designs, Snakeshead and Pimpernel. Flaunting pleated scalloped shades and a golden velvet trim, these are classic examples of the Morris era.

Our new linen shades, Willow Boughs, Marigold and Rosehip have had their designs transformed onto beautiful textured fabric, accented by velvet tape to bring out the tonality of the careful patterning in the original Morris designs.

"William Morris's work was always guided by his belief that you should "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". This ethos is exactly why we are so happy to be working with Morris & Co. on this quintessential range of lampshades. Picking out patterns from their seeminginly endless library of designs was like letting small children loose in a heritage sweet shop and keeping to a small shortlist was agony! But we're so pleased with the final result which is Morris & Co. through and through - undoubtedly beautiful and very, very classy. We think our customers will absolutely love them."

- Rohan Blacker, Pooky founder.

"It's a real thrill to see this stunning collection of lampshades come to life. William Morris's timeless designs have brought colour and pattern to homes for over 160 years, and this feels like another step in cementing his legacy. Pooky, with their reputation for creating long lasting products in sustainable ways, uphold the same values we do here at Morris & Co. We love seeing our historic designs appear in new settings and, you might say, new lights."

- Claire Vallis, Creative Director at Morris & Co.