Lampshade buying guide

Our beautiful shades are available in a huge range of sizes, materials, colours and fabrics. Find your perfect shade more easily using the filters beneath. Please note, apart from our pendant shades, all our lamp shades have base fitted gimbal fittings. This means they can only sit on top of a base fitting, and cannot be used to hang from a pendant fitting, unless you want them to be upside down! For more information on our fitting types please read more here

When it comes to finding the right size shade for your existing base we suggest making sure that the base diameter of your chosen shade is a close match to the height of the base itself. That tends to be a pretty good rule of thumb to help narrow down the options but bear in mind you should go smaller if your base is tall and thin, slightly larger if short and fat. You can always get in touch with us if you need any extra help at all.