Wood table lamps with the wow factor

Wobster in orange


A beautifully-carved wood table lamp that’s also an eye-popping statement sculpture? Step this way...

Very versatile stuff, wood, especially for table lamps. Yes you can carve it into smart black columns or friendly little beside lights in distressed whitewash, and of course we love all that. But sometimes you want something a but different, a little in-your-face, a tad groovy... So recently we’ve been getting rather excited about using wood in these more arty-weirdy-wonderful ways. And being wood they have that solid, authentic hand-crafted feel, but they’re also remarkably affordable. Feast your eyes below...


Wobster in turquoise

The Wobster is unashamedly extravagant. It’s statuesque and curvy and in the orange (top) or red or turquoise lacquers it’s as big and bold as you can get. But you don’t have to have one of the punchy colours. In its natural wood state (below) you can see what a beautiful piece of carved sculpture it is.

Wobster in natural wood

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Spool has buckets of sixties cool - so groovy in fact that it would not look out of place in an Austin Powers movie. But it’s also seriously smart, with its clean lacquered finish in a stunning deep blue. It’s pictured here with a hand made marbled paper in blue sesia but you for a quite different effect you could pair it with an alabaster dupion silk drum shade - sensational! Shop Spool



The inspiration for this gorgeous lamp was those cutesy piles of pebbles you build on top of each other at the beach. These are more large stones than - then we got over excited and added a distressed gold leaf finish. Different, strong, stand out - it will look amazing in an eclectic, colourful interior. Shop Pebbles


Brigadier in yellow

Standing sharply to attention, shoulders back, chin out, impeccably dressed and the shiniest of shoes, the Brigadier light is our take on a classic table lamp shape and will add significant authority to any room. The shoutiest colour is the gloss lacquered yellow finish, but in white or especially black you can see what a very sophisticated figure the Brigadier really cuts.

Brigadier in black

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