The Orb Chandelier - create your own showstopper!

The multi-coloured Orb chandelier is our most dazzling pendant light yet - and what’s more, you can make it entirely your own...

Even for Pooky, the Orb chandelier is rather different. It’s a proper showstopper - indeed, ever since we unveiled it at last year’s Decorex it has created more conversation, buzz and all-round ‘wow’ than any other piece in our collection. And rightly so, this is a genuine centrepiece, guaranteed to immediately drop the jaws of every guest who walks into your home and claps eyes on it. At £495 it’s also remarkable affordable. It’s made of 69 frosted and bubbled glass orbs, each individually handblown, in the following colours:

  • turquoise
  • emerald
  • fucshia
  • amber
  • grey
  • clear


Unleash your inner designer

As standard it comes in an artfully arranged mix of the colours, but why not customise it? You can make it entirely turquoise, or a combination to colours - say, clear and amber. Give us a call and we’ll help you design it. And if you fancy sketching it out, the orbs per row, top to bottom, are as follows: 6, 9, 12, 15, 12, 9, 6.


The Orb uses six B22 bulbs so generates a decent dazzle. The other specs are: Chandelier wingspan - 53cm Chandelier height - 63cm Chain length - up to 250cm Chandelier weight - 23 kgs Shop the Orb here - or why not call us on 0207 351 3003 first and we’ll help you create your own unique showstopping chandelier.