Style tips and interior inspiration from print designer Bianca Hall

We caught up with print and textile designer and self-confessed interior design obsessive, Bianca Hall, creator of the French for Pineapple interiors blog.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! I fall in love on an hourly basis with new and vintage home wares. I live and breath interiors, and I spend more time than I should ever admit to scouring Pinterest, Instagram and Interiors magazines from near and far, and am constantly inspired by my findings. Inspiration often comes from beautiful shop, hotel and restaurant interiors too, and less obvious places like gardens, the zoo, fashion magazines and just pounding the pavements.


(New and vintage working perfectly side by side in Bianca's home)

How would you describe the style in your own home?

My style is laid-back urban glam. Ever-changing, yet somehow consistent. Even though my style has changed considerably over the years, and is now more refined and grown-up than it was say, five years ago, I’ve always maintained an element of fun. I’m a firm believer that grown-up interiors needn’t, and shouldn't be boring.


(Bianca's urban chic kitchen)

What’s your favourite room in your house? Does lighting play a big part?

My favourite room is my living room because it’s the one room of the house that never seems to get out of control messy. That’s probably due to the fact that I recently had bespoke shelving and cupboards built, so even when it’s been taken over by the kids during the day on the weekends, once they’re in bed, I can just pop everything away again in minutes, switch on the lamps, and voila, it’s a calm grown-up space again.


(Bianca's living room)


(Bianca's bespoke shelving)

Lighting plays a huge role in the feel of the room. I have a massive three armed mid-century inspired ceiling light, two table lamps, one floor lamp, and two double brass wall lights at the top of the built in cupboards. If I had the space, there would definitely be another table lamp or two! We don’t really use the ceiling light that much, but I love switching on all the other lighting as dusk hits each evening. Lighting really does make or break a room, and it totally sets the atmosphere.


(The 30cm straight empire printed linen ikat shade in black zig-zag in Bianca's sitting room)

We believe mixing and matching colour and pattern can make for some stunning results – do you have any top tips on how to do this in the home?

Be brave and go with your gut! But to stop a room looking too chaotic, stick to a limited colour palette. A plain coloured sofa against a geometric wallpaper with similar tones is always a winner, and why not throw in a floral armchair for good measure? I’m also into what I like to call Colour Drenching right now - monochromatic rooms sticking to similar tones of just one colour to create a really dramatic room, using prints again in the same colour, and metallic accents to break it up. The results can be really stunning.


Finally we’ve got to ask you, what is your favourite Pooky light and why?

Just one!? Really?? Okay, if I have to choose just one, it would be Mojo, because I love a showstopper lamp, and that’s a showstopper lamp if I’ve ever seen one - it’s absolutely stunning. But I also love the Crescent lamp in white marble, and the Sunday floor lamp too!


(The Mojo table lamp)


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