Stumped? Here are Pooky’s clever Christmas gift ideas for even the trickiest recipients

Take Pooky’s advice and be a gifting genius this Christmas…

‘Oh, how clever of you!’... that’s the sort of thing you want to hear when someone unwraps their pressie. Because these days you do need to be pretty darned clever to find a really good Christmas gift – one that has the surprise factor and the X-factor and the wow factor and the that-actually-will-come-in-handy factor. No simple matter, finding all those factors.

But that’s where lighting comes into its own – it makes for a really ingenious gift, whether it’s a cordless rechargeable table lamp that you can put anywhere, an eye-poppingly original lampshade that can transform a room, a cosy storm lantern candle-holder or an effortlessly cool desk light.

Here are five reasons why lights and shades are such smart gifts...

1) They’re useful and beautiful.  ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful,’ said William Morris, the designer, artist, poet, novelist, linguist and all round clever clogs. Well Pooky lights are very much both: they’re works of art that help you see where you’re going in the house.

2) Everybody needs them.  There is literally nobody who can’t find a use for a gorgeous cordless table lamp that you can position anywhere.

3) They’ll give lasting pleasure.  ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ - That’s John Keats, another clever poet. Lamps don’t get eaten or worn out or used up: they tend to hang around for decades, and they make your whole house lovelier.

4) They’re special. Pooky’s designs are quite unique and delightfully different, and we put real care into them.

5) It doesn’t matter if you’ve already got one.  Well your giftee probably hasn’t already got a Morris & Co. x Pooky shade or a portable table lamp designed by Matthew Williamson,  but the point is that it makes no odds if they already own a lampshade or a lamp – another, better one is always welcome.

We've compiled a whole host of Pooky lighting Christmas gift ideas here.

But which light or shade to buy? Easy, just identify your giftee’s personality type from the five below and shop away – you’ll soon have the perfect gift for even the trickiest person in your life. How clever of you… 


For the entertainer

phileasTake it anywhere... the Phileas rechargeable table lamp finished in antique brass

If your giftee is the host with the most, you can make their year with functional and fancy lighting. You can’t go wrong with a portable, cordless rechargeable table lamp, such as the Phileas. It’s a beautiful lamp that your sociable friend can put literally anywhere: use as the festive dining table centrepiece, light up a cosy corner for two and even take out into the garden for drinks on a warm summer’s evening … And you can mix and match shades.

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For the romantic

mildredMake them swoon with the Smaller Mildred candlestick in hot pink

Buying for the romantic type? You can make their Christmas swoon-worthy with sensuously shaped objets d’art – a curvy glass table lamp perhaps, or swirling pink shade. Or how about candlelight – it doesn’t come more romantic than that...  A Mildred candlestick in hot pink lacquer plus a set of dinner candles is guaranteed to set their hearts a flutter.

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For the reader

stilt desk lightBedazzle a bookworm with a Stilt desk reading light in antiqued brass

Be kind to the bookworm in your life – and to their poor, overworked eyes – with a reading light. Find one that’s as stylish as it is useful – such as the Stilt desk reading lamp in antiqued brass – and they’ll thank you forever…

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For the gardener

crailGive a glorious garden the light it deserves: the Crail exterior hanging lantern
in bronze

There are two approaches to making the green-fingered giftee happy with lighting: bring the outside in with a verdant light or floral shade; or take beautiful interior design outside with a supremely stylish outdoor lamp. If you really want to spoil them, how about something like the Crail exterior hanging lantern to give their garden the spotlight it deserves…

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For the maximalist

leopard loveGo big, go bold! Straight empire shade in classic Leopard Love by Matthew Williamson

What do you get for the giftee who has everything and, what's more, likes to put it all on display? The answer is a spectacular lampshade, which they can place wherever it will have the most impact.

No point being subtle about it, go big, bold and loud. Pooky have literally hundreds to choose from so have a good browse. For starters, here’s a Leopard Love straight empire shade by the world-renowned fashion and interior designer Matthew Williamson. Kapow!

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And for when you're truly stumped...

Finally, if you’re just overwhelmed by too many brilliantly clever choices (understandable!) there's always the Pooky gift voucher.  Guaranteed to brighten up someone’s Christmas...pooky gift cards

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