Retro wall lights – classic midcentury and industrial designs

Humph wall light

Like the mid-century look? Or a bit of industrial chic? Retro wall lights give the perfect finishing touch to a room with a classic 1950s style or an factory vibe. Here’s a buyer’s guide to very cool metallic wall lights...

Wall light are brilliant little devices for interior designers, because they do several things at once. They allow you to layer light and create atmosphere – because multiple light sources strategically dotted around a room are much better than a single overhead source. They enable you to highlight particular features (such as pictures or side-tables) with focused accent lighting. And, if they’re beautiful objects in itself (which it certainly should be) then they’re a perfect way to introduce a particular style note to a room, or provide the finishing touches to an overall scheme. At Pooky we stock a wide range of designer wall lights, but in this post we’re focusing on brass wall lights with silver or nickel finishes: lovely, classic retro styles with a mid-century or industrial feel…


Large and long Humph wall light

If you’re after a really classic, bang-on-the-money 1950's-style spotlight, then Humph is the one for you. It’s very cool and relatively small (9cm diameter) so it also works well in pairs. Or if you prefer a trio, we do it in a readymade bar: the 'Large and Long Humph' - great on a ceiling or a wall. The finish is antiqued silver.


Mumford wall light

For a warmer but still distinctly industrial flavour, the Mumford spotlight in antiqued brass hits the spot. Like the Humph, it is quite small - perfect as a task light to illuminate a particular area.


Dexter wall light

Very much at the refined end of industrial, the Dexter wall light is a subtle and effective light with some very nice detailing. Pair it with the Dexter pendant light in ash black for a very smart set.


Ursula wall light

Equally smart and stylish with a midcentury/industrial feel is the Ursula. It's actually a 1970s design but with a Pooky makeover in antique and blackened brass. Great in a room with a few retro touches (walnut sideboards, leather Eames armchair, that sort of thing).

Bow tie

Bow tie wall light in white

The Bow tie design - in white or black - has become a real Pooky favourite (we also do it as a desk light, a floor lamp and even a chandelier). What makes it work so well is the shape of the hood - which we played around for a very long time until it felt just right. Very mid-century, yet very contemporary. As a wall light it's quite large ( 31cm high) so it needs some space, but makes a marvellous statement piece. Browse our industrial style wall lights here - and our full range of wall lights here. And for more reading, try these blog posts: Classic interior design styles and how to light them: Industrial style Classic interior design styles and how to light them: Midcentury modern