Pooky’s 2018 Christmas gift list for people who are impossible to buy for

Need to find perfect, impeccably tasteful Christmas gifts for all the stylish people in your life? Fear not, we have the answers - here’s our impossible gift list, specially updated for 2018…

Pooky lights really do make perfect gifts, being unusual, beautiful and practical – and so varied in style that the right one can be found for almost anyone, even the most awkward giftee. So in that spirit, here are some ideas for how Pooky lights can solve even your most persistent Christmas present headaches…

For the homeworker

….an Obama desk light in antiqued brass


If your giftee works from home then all sorts of presents are ruled out. They have no use for things that commuters like (headphones, car things) and will already have equipped their environment with all the coffee-making apparatus they could possibly require. However, one thing they are certain to want is a supremely stylish desk light. The Obama is a good bet: an elegant swoop of lovely brasswork - very slick. It might also encourage them to do some actual desk work, rather than watching Netflix all day.

For your impossibly stylish friend

…an Ikat lampshade

Image: Matthew Williamson

If you have a friend or cousin who is just perfectly, effortlessly, even annoyingly stylish, then chances are you will have studiously avoided buying them anything to with the home or fashion for fear of making a gaffe. But you can banish that fear with one of Pooky’s ikat zig zag linen lampshades. Legendary fashion designer turned interiors guru Matthew Williamson recently used a black and white one at the very swish Belmond La Residencia, Mallorca. You can browse our lampshades here. And if they’re good enough for Matthew Williamson they’re certainly good enough for your impossible friend….

For the person who doesn’t do anything

…a loveable bedside lamp


Sporty people are easy to buy for (especially golfers, anglers and cyclists) and so are keen cooks and bookworms. But there’s always someone on your Christmas shopping list who doesn’t actually seem to like or do anything. However, even the laziest person in your life enjoys at least one activity: lying in bed. So simply play to their strengths and buy them a strikingly beautiful bedside lamp, like the Ginger. Browse all of our adorable bedside lamps here.

For the person who has nearly everything

…a Monet-inspired table lamp

This is the most common Awkward Giftee – the ‘person who has everything’. But of course nobody has absolutely everything. What that phrase means is that they’re able to buy themselves lots of nice things and it’s tricky to find them something that will blow them away with its originality and surprise factor. Well how about a stunner of a table lamp, like this gorgeous recent addition to our collection, the Claude? (So named because it has a rather elegant blue painted brushstroke around it which made us think of Claude Monet. Yes, yes we know, - pretty tenuous. Lovely lamp though - looks beautiful - and a great centrepiece.) Trust us, they won’t have anything like it. - Unfortunately the Claude table lamp is no longer available, but please take a look at more splendid table lamps here.

And for the person who really does have absolutely everything…

Well do they have whacking great orb chandelier in with multi coloured glass roundels?
Orb chandelier

It’s made from turquoise, emerald, fucshia, amber, grey and clear glass roundels - ten of each, every one unique and you can arrange them as you wish. Your giftee would have to have been very good to receive this, mind... See all our chandeliers here.

So there you are – a Pooky Christmas list for the impossible giftee. View all our eminently giftable lamps and lights here. (n.b. the last despatch date before Christmas is midday on Friday 21 December 2018)