Pooky Classics: the Wisteria glass table lamp

A simple glass vase sitting in a brass base: the Wisteria table lamp is a Pooky classic that never seems to go out of style. Here’s what makes it so special...

At Pooky we love nothing more than tinkering away and experimenting with lighting designs, and over the years we’ve created literally hundreds of new lamps, pendants, shade and more. But there are some lights that somehow turn out to have a timeless appeal. They’re the lights that become proper Pooky classics, never out of style and never out of stock. Take the Wisteria...


Perfect simplicity

‘I love the clear Wisteria lamp. I usually go for the brightly coloured lamps but there’s something quite classic about it – it feels peaceful.’ Willow Crossley - Author, stylist and interior designer

The Wisteria in a very minimalist, contemporary scheme - styled by Stella Mannering 

In the world of product design, it is a truth universally acknowledged that achieving perfect simplicity is far from simple. You usually have to work very hard at something for ages to make it look effortless.

But when you do hit that sweet spot, you know instantly. As soon as we got the Wisteria back from the factory we knew we had a winner on our hands.

The design couldn’t be simpler: it’s a large cylindrical glass vase sitting in a solid brass collared open base. Nothing more fancy than that, yet the result is a lamp that just seems to work anywhere: in any room, in any kind of interior decor. The Wisteria is at home in everything from traditional English country sitting rooms to very contemporary bedroom schemes.

So in that sense it really is a timeless design, somehow floating above any particular fashion or period.

Clear glass Wisteria lamp styled by Lauren Gilberthorpe. Image: Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors

And almost every variation of the Wisteria we’ve created – using different colours of glass, nickel or brass coloured bases and so on – also seems to work, just because that simple shape and the combination of basic materials is so strong.

Any shade you like

‘The Wisteria glass base is such an adaptable lamp, I love the antique finish to it and looks especially fine with my scallop shade!’ Matilda Goad, designer and creative consultant

Matilda Goad’s scallop shade paired with the Wisteria in clear glass. Image: Matilda Goad

That simplicity of the Wisteria also means it works with a vast range of lampshade shapes, colours and materials.

Go traditional and cosy with a gathered cotton Empire shade in a floral pattern, or clean and contemporary with a drum in plain black card - the Wisteria apparently takes anything in its stride.

The Wisteria in blue glass styled by Stephanie Hughes, finalist at the 2016 Grand Designs Show. Photo:Lucy Williams


Support act – or star of the show

'Just stunning. A real head turner' ★★★★★  Pooky customer Susie T

The Wisteria at Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat

For some interior designers, Wisteria’s appeal is the way it can be relatively low-key, blending in seamlessly with their scheme. That’s why it has popped up in all kinds of places - including some very unusual ones like Guy Mallinson’s extraordinary treehouse retreat in Dorset.

As Guy said: ‘After much searching for the right combination of metal, glass and shade to suit the quality of the craftsmanship and the contemporary interior of the treehouse, the Pooky Wisteria gave us the perfect solution.’

A pair of Wisterias as bedside lamps at Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat.

But on the other hand, the Wisteria also has the ability to be a bit of a showstopper. Many of our customers use it as a centrepiece in a room and report it’s a real talking point. Indeed, it even made a cameo in one of television’s hottest watercooler hits of recent years...

BBC smash hit drama 'Doctor Foster', starring Pooky's Wisteria table lamps and Jodie Comer


All part of the Wisteria extraordinary versatility, we suppose...

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