5 steps to creating a perfectly matched lamp

Chosen your perfect lampshade? Set your heart on that chic lamp stand? At Pooky we’ve made it our goal to offer customers absolute flexibility to Mix and Match bases and shades....but we’re aware that with so many choices, creating Fred and Ginger perfection can seem a bit daunting. Remove the stress and be confident you’ve made the right match with our easy, 5-step guide.

1. Think about your space

Think about where you will be placing your lamp to determine the general size and shape that you need, as well as the type of shade. For a large empty space you’ll want something big and impactful, but for a slim alcove or console table consider a small shade on a tall, thin stand or an oval-shaped shade that won’t protrude far into the room. The type of shade you pick will also affect the type of light given off. A semi-translucent shade will shed good ambient light, while an opaque shade is better for decorative accent lighting.

Pooky Luty Table Lamp in Mahogany £45, Green Hand Block Printed Shade £36

2. Match shape and size A good rule of thumb is to pick a shade that has a diameter roughly equal to two-thirds of the height of the base up to the level of the bulb. Match the shape of your base and shade – square with square for example – for a cohesive look. Ideally you want the shade to be at least half an inch wider than the base on both sides to keep the whole lamp looking balanced.

Pooky Trixie Table Lamp in Green £130, Empire Shade in Black Silk £50

3. Combine the right materials and colours Think carefully about the material of both the base and stand, as one should complement the other. For example a pale wood base looks best with a muted colour of shade in a natural linen. If you’re unsure go for a base that goes with everything – a crystal or dark metal stand is ideal for this.

Pooky Otto Table Lamp in Wood £40, Empire Shade in Cream £56

4. Go for complementary styles

It sounds obvious but stick to one style or period for both base and shade. A traditional tapered or pleated shade will work best with a classic base, a straight-sided drum shade suits a clean, modern base shape. A rustic ceramic base needs an equally robust texture to the shade, and so on.

Pooky Herbert Table Lamp in White £170, Drum Shade in Raspberry Silk £54 Pooky Herbert Table Lamp in White £170, Drum Shade in Raspberry Silk £54

5. Find the right bulb

To get the best from your lamp, and to ensure performance and longevity, it’s also essential to make sure you use the right wattage of bulb for your shade. Always check the maximum suitable bulb wattage for your lamp before you buy, as well as the fitting type and size. And if you're looking for something a little bit further out of the ordinary. then why not screw in a retro-styled filament bulb? They make a warm light and for atmosphere, they are effective at adding something special to the overall look.

Pooky Nellie Table Lamp in Turqoise £60, Empire Lampshade in Pink Hand Block Printed Cotton £40 (5) Pooky Nellie Table Lamp in Turqoise £60, Empire Lampshade in Pink Hand Block Printed Cotton £40

6. Trust your taste Did we say 5 steps? Well rules are made to be broken so our 6th golden rule is to listen to your bold inner voice. Picturing how cool a tiny traditional shade will look on that big, blocky base you love? We've made a few suggestions but go ahead and play around with the site and see what works for you. The beauty of buying shades and bases individually is you’re free to create your own perfect match, whatever that may be.

Pooky Iris Table Lamp in Turquoise £160, Oval Lampshade in Black Silk £34