Mirrors as beautiful, bold, statement wall art


Introducing our latest range of unusual, beautiful mirrors - works of art in glass and brass and light...

Mirrors aren’t just for brushing your teeth in, any more than lamps are just for lighting a room. They’re a chance to be beautiful, creative, unique. The best mirrors are stylish objects in themselves - works of art to hang on a wall for all to admire. At Pooky we’ve spent quite a bit of time putting together a new range of unusual, beautiful mirrors that we think you’ll probably rather like. Here are a few of them.

Tiggy with brass spines 

The Tiggy is most definitely not a brushing-your-teeth-in sort of mirror, unless you require your nosed picked at the same time by one of the brass spines. Rather, it’s a piece of serious, heavy duty wall art - a proper centrepiece in any room. Hang carefully somewhere eye-catching (don’t bend the spines!).

Nova in antique gold 

Again, not necessarily right for the bathroom. The Nova is a massive starburst designed for standing in front of and thinking ‘Wow, is that how the universe began...?’

Charles, Blanche and Mary

Our Charles (the oval one), Blanche (the round, ornate one) and Mary (round with ‘butterflies’) mirrors are very often all hung together as a group. As all interior designers know, things like this always work best in threes. Of course they’re also very pretty by themselves. Diminutive but dashing.

Lyndon in antique gold 

Oval mirrors have a certain loveliness about them, especially if they look like this. The Lyndon mirror embodies a classic elegance, reminiscent of the wood carvings of the eighteenth century. The glass is slightly antiqued and looks like the real deal.

Daffings in polished stainless steel 

The Daffings mirror has a much more slick and contemporary and geometric feel to it. Art Deco, perhaps? Square within squares within squares in polished stainless steel with a nickel finish. It’s a head turner.


Right, we’ve saved this one to last. The Withy is a serious piece and it took us eighteen months of design, sampling and tweaking to get it just right. It’s made of sixty-four pieces of bevelled glass, all different, laid around the central glass mirror. This mirror is especially complex to make, but what an object! Yes, it is large, but if you have a suitable space to hang it, it will play the light beautifully and be the most striking centrepiece of pretty much any design. And frankly astonishingly good value for what it is: a beautiful thing you can keep and enjoy for generations. Of course, not all our mirrors are quite this elaborate. If you fancy something classically simple and elegant, take a look at the round Feathers or the rectangular Darling.

In fact, you can browse our complete range of beautiful, unusual mirrors here.