Meet the interior designer: Rosanna Bossom

Our Q&A with interior designer Rosanna Bossom…
Rosanna Bossom Ltd is a London-based interior design company specialising in creating beautiful, striking bespoke spaces for commercial and residential properties (and often featuring a Pooky light or two). We spoke to Rosanna about her background, creating ambience, and the importance of surprise...

How did you get started in interior design?

After graduating from KLC School of Design in 2008, I went to work for Thorp Design. At Thorp I worked on various residential projects ranging from apartments in London to large country estates working closely with the in-house architects which developed my CAD (computer-aided design) skills. In 2010 I went to work for Freddy Van Zevenbergen at Lambart & Browne, a newly formed design firm working on private and commercial clients. During my three years there I worked alongside couture designer Rifat Ozbek on the design, procurement and installation of LouLou’s nightclub, 5 Hertford Street. It was this project that gave me my start into setting up Rosanna Bossom Limited. My first solo project was the top two floors of 5 Hertford Street.

How would you describe your interior design style?

When working on a project we strongly believe that originality and an element of surprise is very important, whilst ensuring that comfort and usability are high on our priority list. All of our projects are so different, and it is vital that our clients feel they’re getting a bespoke service, so we don’t believe that having a signature style is as important as this. Having said that, we do love colour and layering lots of new and old to create a timeless space which has the flexibility to grow over time.

Images: Rosanna Bossom Ltd

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from all over the place, whether it’s outside, on Instagram, in a shop window, it can literally be from anywhere. I get a lot of inspiration from Leighton House Museum and Pitzhanger Manor and of course, my ultimate fave, the sixth floor of the V&A, which houses an abundance of textiles throughout the ages that inspire me hugely!

What do you most enjoy about your work?

The installation of a project is always a highlight because you get to see the hard work of everyone involved come together and seeing designs that once popped into your head suddenly become reality. Another part that I really enjoy is working alongside our trusted tradesmen, and discovering new suppliers.

Images: Rosanna Bossom Ltd

How does lighting play a part in your interiors?

Lighting in a room is incredibly important for creating the right ambience, you have to get it right from the start. You need different layers: overhead light for tasks and soft table lamps to create softer hues (as well as being more flattering on the complexion!). Candle light creates a lovely atmosphere too.

Which recent projects are you particularly proud of?

We recently completed a project in Notting Hill. This was a perfect canvas for experimenting with design and creating a space that has grown organically over time. The sitting room, with its high ceilings, is painted in Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster which is a firm favourite of ours. There is a balanced mix of furniture, mid-century, antique and contemporary which sit harmoniously alongside each other with a mass of pattern from the fabrics and the gallery wall with a variety of artwork as well as the wall hanging. We were able to experiment with a moss green Tadalakt finish in the bathroom which is a preferred product of ours due to its sheer versatility.

Image: Rosanna Bossom Ltd

Do you have a particular favourite corner or room) that you feel is 'all your own'?

I have an unbelievably comfortable armchair, a steal from eBay, in my sitting room which I had upholstered in Fermoie’s Poulton Stripe. It is the most comfortable chair, and I would say sitting in it definitely consists of being in my ‘Cosy Corner’.

Finally, do you have a favourite Pooky light (and if so, why that one?)

The first ever order I placed with Pooky was for the Large Mojo Light, which is my all-time favourite, it stands proudly in my sitting room . Unfortunately, this lamp is no longer in production but the Stucco Table Lamp is pretty fab too!

Stucco ceramic table lamp

See more of Rosanna Bossom Ltd’s work on their website, and follow them on Instagram here.