Meet the designer: Tori Murphy

Our Q&A with the fabulous fabric designer Tori Murphy...

Tori Murphy creates gorgeous, characterful fabrics, all woven and finished in England. We recently teamed up with Tori to create four exclusive lampshade designs, so we thought we’d find out a bit more about how she started the business and what inspires her...

How did you come to start Tori Murphy Limited?

The brand was established with a simple aim: to create products for the home with character and integrity, all woven and made in England. After graduating from The Royal College of Art, I worked in Milan designing prints for clients including DKNY, Fendi, and Christian Dior. After this rewarding experience, I returned home and worked in English menswear manufacturing in the Midlands before combining my passions into one and focused on English textile manufacturing. With a firm belief and plenty of perseverance I found weavers in Lancashire, finishers in Yorkshire and machinists in Nottingham willing to support me. From a first fabric run of 12 metres of woven Merino wool, we made a capsule collection of throws and cushions, I exhibited in London in June 2012 and it was here we took our first order from a store on London's New King's Road, signalling the launch of Tori Murphy Ltd. Eight years later, the team and I operate from a small factory in Nottingham, the product range has grown to 15 categories and we wholesale worldwide as well and as through

Tori Murphy's Little Cress small basket in claret with the Pooky Everyday Stripe Navy lampshade on an Elsa lamp


Tell us about your time in Italy - what did you learn from that experience?

I experienced the inside of a factory for the first time and the elements involved in production other than just the textile designing. The printing, dyeing, trims, cutting, packing, warehousing, and dispatching and it was all of these elements combined that struck a chord with me and it was the buzz and activity especially of the factory floor that appealed to me.

What else inspires your designs?

I am always inspired by my surroundings, my family and what is going on around us. The colours of the season especially. We have recently moved to the countryside so I’ve got many years worth of inspiration around me now as everyday we are greeted with something new.

Tori Murphy fabrics


For the collaboration with Pooky you’ve created four fabric designs. Does creating fabrics for lighting have any special challenges?

The fabrics for the Pooky collaboration were chosen as they had four distinct personalities. Everyday Stripe for a more coastal feel, Seedling for a gentle touch of pattern, Trellis for a bold geometric feel and our Climbing Chevy for a fun and vibrant feel. I think lampshades need to add just enough personality to a room to add interest and hope there is something for everyone in the collection.

Tori Murphy Trellis shade


Do you have a personal favourite amongst all your fabric design?

I love the Climbing Chevy, it’s a really fun way of introducing pattern and colour.

What are your own home interiors like? How would you describe the style?

We are currently renovating an old house in the countryside ourselves and with two small children and a new baby on the way, we are creating a home that is both practical and stylish. We love natural materials, so there’s lots of oak and stone, simple backdrops of painted brick walls and wooden floors and then or course with the addition of lots of different textiles, colours and textures that can be rotated and replaced. Vintage pieces and a few hand me downs keep things looking slightly eclectic and relaxed.

Finally, do you have a favourite Pooky lamp?

I love an empire shade, there’s something simple and grand about the shape and paired with a Pooky Olive Elsa glass lamp, I think that’s a gorgeous combination... - Unfortunately the Elsa glass lamp is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of glass lamps here.
Climbing Chevy in rose with a Pooky Elsa lamp

Shop the Pooky and Tori Murphy collection here - and browse all Tori’s products including cushions, throws and much more on the Tori Murphy Ltd website.