Meet the designer: Louise Roe

“I still walk into rooms and pinch myself that this is really where we live....”

TV presenter, author, Instagram legend and all-round style supremo Louise Roe has moved back to England from LA, and is applying her skills to interior design and a stunning renovation of her new country house. And since she’s strewn it with a glittering array of Pooky lights, we thought that would be a good excuse to have a chat with her, just in time for the big reveal.

Here’s our exclusive Q&A…

You’re a writer, TV presenter, fashion expert, beauty blogger, social media star and now interior designer too… What do you enjoy most about your work?

I feel very lucky that every day is completely different to the next. Tthere’s no particular routine, and I get to meet (and often interview) so many different talented and interesting people. My background is in fashion, but I've come to love interior design even more than shoes and bags! I began my career working at magazines like Elle and, and then moved to LA to work in TV, which is how I met my husband. He's also from the UK, but we lived in LA working in front of and behind the camera, traveling together all over to make TV shows. It was a lot of fun and non-stop!

Above: Louise's drawing room; and a bathroom complete with Pooky's Chukka wall lights (unfortunately the Chukka wall lights are no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of wall lights here) Image credits: Louise Roe

You’ve recently moved to the English countryside from Los Angeles. What inspired your move back from La La Land?

We had 11 fantastic years out there, and like anything in life, it was time for a new chapter. I missed the English countryside more and more each year, and of course, the proximity to family was the biggest pull.

Would you say there are any clear aesthetic differences between popular US and UK interior design styles?

Yes I would. Even if you put people together who all like antiques, for example, in general, an American look is far more polished, perfect and symmetrical. In England, those living rooms and bedrooms are more lived in, the sofa cushions are not plumped, there is a half-read newspaper on the side table, and a few threads missing from the upholstery. Of course, there are exceptions (such as Tory Burch's magnificent house in France! Although she did have an English designer, Robert Kime).

Detail from Louise's bedroom, featuring Pooky's Fred table lamp with Arno shade (unfortunately the Arno lamp shade is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of lampshades here). Image: Louise Roe


What was it that drew you to your new home, when you were looking for your new UK base?

We were keen to have a period property, and Georgian is my favourite style of architecture. We were lucky to find a Regency house, with plenty of original features, in a lovely village.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

It’s very traditional. I’m inspired by the English countryside, designers such as Ben Pentreath and Veere Grenney, and I love trawling antiques fairs to find just the right piece.

How did you make your interior choices for this house?

We have been slowly planning this move for a while, and I’ve been picking up antique pieces, planning fabrics and paint colours since we were in LA. My mum even brought a suitcase back from the Rose Bowl flea market in LA about two years ago! I truly believe if you find something you love, get it, and you’ll find a home for it. I really enjoy scouring the internet and little old shops for ideas. I started a folder on my phone, and tore out plenty of pages from magazines, and the ideas for each room slowly came together. I also designed some rooms around fabrics I had lusted after for years. The Pierre Frey print in the eaves, which I call my 'Mary Poppins'The room, was a textile I saw in Elle Decor years before we even looked for our house. I kept the pages and hoped that one day I'd have the right place to decorate with it.

The 'Mary Poppins' room, featuring Pooky's Randall ceramic table lamp. Image: Louise Roe


Any top tips for those brave enough to start a renovation project?

Be guided by the house. I think it's important to look at the proportions and age of the house, and seek professional advice for what is and isn't possible. Get second opinions – they vary dramatically! And definitely show up on site as much as you possibly can, it really helps avoid big mistakes. I made up a schedule and we pretty much stuck to it. Also make an advanced, detailed list of everything you'll need, because - especially now - some items are very delayed. You don't want an entire room to be held up because the radiators or the wallpaper are taking eight weeks to arrive.

Which is your favourite room?

I love my 'Mary Poppins' room: there's something about wallpaper on the eaves ceiling that makes a room magical, like a fairytale. And the master bedroom is a very calm green shade, perfect for ending the day in. You can watch a video of Louise taking Pooky on an exclusive tour of her 'Mary Poppins' room here.

Louise's kitchen. Image: Louise Roe


What’s been the most enjoyable part of your design journey with your home?

The whole process has been a lot of fun. Bouncing ideas around with the builder, who was brilliant with heritage properties, and suddenly realising we could open up a space to create a higher ceiling, or put a window seat in - those are transformative moments. I still walk into rooms and pinch myself that this is really where we live.

How does lighting play a part in your interiors?

It’s everything! I think I was actually a little girl when I realised how much it changes everything. From the tone of the lightbulb to the height of the lamp base, how it reflects off the wall colour, and of course the design of the shade. I think it’s the most important factor for creating ambience in a room.

Detail from Louise's bedroom, featuring Pooky's Otto table lamp. Image: Louise Roe


You have a lot of Pooky illuminating your beautiful home. Do you have a favourite?

I have SO much Pooky! What's brilliant is how often the collections change, so you know you won't see the same item everywhere. That also means you have to be quick - I would often race to order new fabrics when I saw them! My favourite is the floral pleated shade in our bedroom, on a wooden base. The colours are perfect with our walls and the old books propping it up.

Follow Louise's renovation tips, room reveals and much more on her Lifestyle blog - and for interiors galore, feast your eyes on her Instagram account @louiseroehome.