Meet the designer: Emma Deterding of Kelling Designs

Kelling Designs are a fantastic contemporary interior design company based in London and Norfolk. We caught up with director Emma Deterding…

The team at Kelling Designs have been making beautiful interiors for over 20 years. With studios in Chelsea and Norfolk, they have worked with residential and commercial clients all over the UK - and also abroad, including some stunning luxury Apline chalets. Director Emma Deterding and her talented team aim for ‘a perfect balance between elegance and practicality’ – and as you can see from their portfolio pictures, they certainly hit the spot, with gorgeous combinations of vibrant and soft colours, patterns and fabrics (and some Pooky lights too!)

Here’s our Q&A with Emma…

Emma Deterding - Director, Kelling Designs

How did you get started in interior design?

After 15 years in property management and redoing rental flats, clients started to ask me to do their own homes and that is when Kelling Designs was born.

How would you describe your interior design style?

Colourful, bold and fun. Outrageous party barn in Norfolk! Image: Kelling Designs. Norfolk country house. Image: Kelling Designs. Norfolk bathroom. Image: Kelling Designs.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


How does lighting play a part in your interiors?

Hugely! It is such an important element of interior design. Great lighting is essential and will always enhance a scheme, creating atmosphere. Pooky's Elsa lamp in olive with ikat shade, styled by the Kelling team. Image: Kelling Designs.

Which recent project are you particularly proud of?

We are particularly proud of Pearson Square, Fitzrovia – recently nominated for UK – Interior Design Scheme at the International Interior Design & Architecture Awards and soon to be featured in Homes & Gardens.

Pearson Square, Fitzrovia. Image: Kelling Designs. Pearson Square, Fitzrovia. Image: Kelling Designs.

Do you have a particular favourite corner or room (in your home or anywhere) that you feel is 'all your own'? Or do you have any tips for creating a 'cosy' space?

My office in Norfolk (see photo below). It is my haven, all the colours and fabrics I love – with under floor heating!! Emma's cosy country office, Norfolk. Image: Kelling Designs.

Finally we’ve got to ask you, what is your favourite Pooky light and why? The Trafalgar floor lamp. Classic, elegant, perfect proportions, goes everywhere, and can be dressed up or down depending on the chosen shade. Less is more and this applies to that lamp. It will never date.

Pooky's Trafalgar floor lamp in antique brass styled by the Kelling team. Image: Kelling Designs.


View more of Kelling Designs' stunning interiors on their website. And you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.