Light and mood: Five ways to boost your wellbeing at home

Image: Susie Atkinson


Following our look at how lighting affects wellbeing and mood, we invited interiors expert Jessica Taverner to suggest some tips for a calmer, happier home environment...

From incorporating mood lighting to decorating with calming colours, these small, simple changes can help ensure your home is a sanctuary of calm and positivity.

1) Make full use of mood lighting

Research has shown that soft, dimmer lighting evokes a relaxed and calm atmosphere and subconsciously slows us down. Use table lamps, floor lights or install a dimmer switch to adjust brighter lighting at meal times and to help unwind before going to bed. Consider your lighting scheme for different times of day and all purposes: lamps will create a cocooning feel when positioned at a low-level and close to a wall. A ceiling pendant or chandelier will flood any room with light, increasing energy and productivity. Finally, work spotlights or angled wall lighting to help zone a space or create a focal point.

Image: Susie Atkinson


2. Set the tone with candles

Talking of mood lighting into your home…Pooky’s new range of twinkling tea lights, chunky pillar candles and dusky dinner candles come in a variety of uplifting colours perfect for creating a soothing ambience in any room at any time. After all candles needn’t be saved for special occasions.

Braid candlestick
- Unfortunately the Braid candle is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of candles here

Try grouping candles on a tray or a shelf and play with varying heights to create visual interest and cast a more impactful glow.

3. Choose versatile colours

Each year the Dulux paint colour specialists unveil their Colour of the Year. Inspired by the colours of the morning sky, the shade for 2020 is Tranquil Dawn – somewhere between green, blue and grey. Pair this sort of peaceful hue with warm woods, sandy tones and tactile soft furnishings for a mood enhancing, laidback look. Top tip – houseplants are great for instantly livening up neutral schemes and actively make us feel better. Look for low-maintenance plants if you weren’t blessed with green thumbs.

4. Tidy home, tidy mind

The likes of Marie Kondo, a self-professed tidying expert, taught us that a clutter-free home directly affects how we feel. One of the easiest ways to clear your mind is to rid your house of items that no longer ‘spark joy’. To seamlessly evoke an uplifting environment, adopt a minimalist mindset when decluttering and ensure there’s a place for every item.

Image: Lucy Barlow


5. Take charge of your sleep

Learn to prioritise bedtime and work on creating a healthy sleeping pattern. There are obvious things like avoiding caffeine and blue screens before bed, but also think about light. Try to embrace the morning light to help ease you into the day – leaving a small gap in curtains or a light-based alarm that mimics the effect of a slow sunrise will help to control the light levels in your room.

Jessica’s Top 3 Pooky lights for feel good living:

Astaire floor lamp

Floor lamp: Astaire in brass with antique silver finish Table lamp base: Draycott wooden table lamp in distressed white

Jessica Taverner is a freelance stylist and features writer. Follow her on Instagram here. See also:

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