How to clean glass wall lights

Keep your glass wall lights like new with our expert guide…

Glass wall lights are a splendid way of lighting a room and creating warmth and atmosphere. They work in virtually any setting and spill light around beautifully, adding that extra bit of panache to your space. However, over time dirt, dust and general grime can build up, leaving your glass wall lights looking a little less glamorous, and also making your lighting less efficient. With a little bit of regular maintenance, you can help to keep your glass wall lights looking immaculate. Here's how...

How often should you clean glass wall lights?

To keep on top of general dust and dirt, glass wall lights should be given a regular maintenance clean every 1-2 weeks. And to remove more established dirt and grime give your glass wall lights a deeper clean at least once a year, or more often in high use areas.

Cleaning glass wall lights: a note on safety

Before you begin, there are a few health and safety steps:
  1. Always turn off the power source before cleaning
  2. Allow the bulbs and shades to cool fully
  3. If using a chair or stepladder, place them on a flat, stable surface
  4. Avoid spraying water or cleaning fluid directly onto your light fittings: spray them onto the cloth instead, and keep well away from any electrical connections

Giving glass wall lights a maintenance clean

For a light maintenance clean, your glass wall lights can normally be kept in place. Using a feather duster or a clean, dry microfibre cloth, gently wipe over all surfaces of the glass to remove any excess dust and dirt. Next, lightly dust over the frames and give the cables and fixings a wipe down. Finally, don't forget to give the bulbs a dust too - bulbs are great at attracting dust, and a dirty bulb can make a big difference to the quality and brightness of your light fitting. If you can face doing this every couple of weeks you'll keep general dirt and dust at bay.

Deep cleaning your glass wall lights

While a regular once-over with the duster will help minimise surface dust, your glass wall lights will need a deeper clean from time to time, to help remove accumulations of dirt and grime. You should do this at least once or twice a year, or slightly more often in areas of high use such as a kitchen or hallway.

What should you use to clean glass wall lights?

To remove more stubborn grime, and to keep your glass wall lights bright and sparkling, you will need:
  • Microfibre cloths
  • A clean, dry towel
  • Warm water
  • Mild detergent
  • A screwdriver or pliers, for any fixings
We advise against using any abrasive cleaning chemicals, as these can damage metal, painted or antiqued light fittings. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Tip: Wearing a pair of white cotton gloves when handling your glass wall lights can help to avoid leaving any unwanted fingerprints.

Removing and cleaning glass wall lights

To give your glass wall lights a more thorough clean, it's best to remove them from the wall:
  • Take out the bulb and set it aside
  • Gently support the glass and carefully remove it from its fixings
  • Place the glass into a bowl or sink filled with warm (not hot) soapy water, and allow it to soak for a few minutes (NB - never put your glass shade in a dishwasher!)
  • Wipe the glass with a microfibre cloth, using soft circular movements and minimal pressure
  • Take care to clean every surface, including any grooves or other patterning. For really stubborn or greasy spots, you can apply an appropriate glass cleaner to the cloth (check its suitability first)
  • Rinse the glass in some clean water and dry it gently with a towel, to avoid streaks
  • Wipe over the bulbs - if they're very dirty, use a damp cloth but avoid the metal base
  • Wipe down the frame, fixings and cables with a separate microfibre cloth. Again if they're very dirty, you can use a lightly dampened cloth but always check the care instructions and avoid using on delicate surfaces
  • Once everything is fully dry, reassemble your glass wall light and replace the bulb
Glass wall lights are a splendid addition to any space. Whether you're using them to light up a room, highlight a favourite feature, or create a lovely ambience, with a little bit of TLC you can keep them shining for years to come. See Pooky's range of affordable designer glass wall lights here.