How floor lamps can help your find your perfect interior style

Are you a classic minimalist, a mid-century maniac, or a quirky individualist? Take this floor lamp test to find out your ideal interior design style…

We recently added three new floor lamps to the Pooky collection – and it occurred to us that each of the three – Mo, Chukka and Black Monday – could represent a distinct design style. And what’s more, that choosing the one you like best could actually be quite revealing about your personal taste. Have a look and see if you agree…

1. Black Monday – for the timelessly elegant

Black Monday floor lamp - shop here

The Black Monday is a simple black and antiqued brass column sitting in a solid disc of marble. And that’s all. This is a floor lamp design that will, quite simply, never go out of style. If you turned your living room into a time capsule, your descendants would find your Black Monday after a thousand years and it would still be cool.

So if this is your favourite kind of floor lamp you’re probably something of a connoisseur of timeless good taste. You may well be inclined to minimalism, solid antique furniture, classic French wines and old movies starring Fred Astaire. What to go for… understated colours, minimalist furniture, the companion Black Monday table lamp What to avoid… postmodern experiments, vivid floral fabrics, any kind of kookiness, this season’s ‘braver’ trends.

2. Mo – for the thoroughly modern

Mo floor lamp - shop here

The Mo is one for the design buff. With its clean angles and hooded shade, it’s clearly in the tradition of the Scandinavian side of mid-20th century modernism – see Arne Jacobsen’s iconic AJ floor light, for example. That’s a style that’s still as cool and contemporary as ever, and we spent a lot of time debating the exact angle of the shade to get it just right.

If this is your kind of floor lamp, then you’re probably drawn to all things to do with good design and specifically the clean, functional modernist style. You’re very cool and may well own the entire box set of Mad Men. What to go for… bold primary colours, curved plastic office chairs, low cabinets, framed prints of abstract geometric forms, vintage Egg chairs.

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Arne Jacobsen's modernist Ant, Egg and Swan chairs - Image credit What to avoid… elaborate decoration, frills, tassels, Victoriana, anything Arts & Craftsy.

3. Chukka – for the instinctive individualist

Chukka floor lamp - shop here

Finally there’s the Chukka. Now this is a floor lamp for the 21st century, as it goes with just about anything you care to throw at it. These days people love to mix and match (and deliberately mismatch) items, mash up different styles and eras, combine vintage and contemporary objects, clash colours and create something personal and unique. Chukka is perfect for all that. It has a light, organic bamboo-y feel – think art nouveau, or Arts & Crafts. But it’s also solid, heavy brass. You could stick either a really spectacular colourful Ikat or a simple block colour lampshade on it and it’ll still look great.

So if the Chukka is your preferred floor lamp, then you’re probably someone who boldly follows your own design instincts, wherever they take you. What to go for… anything you like, really. You know what you like and you’re not afraid to experiment! But why not take a look at some of these fab contemporary designers for inspiration: Sarah Akwisombe - 'interiors for rule-breakers' Rita Konig - 'the design equivalent of organised chaos' Siobhan Hayles - 'find your colour bravery' What to avoid… worrying about design rules – they’re meant to be broken! For more on design and lighting, try these posts: Iconic floor lamps – seven important (and very expensive) 20th century floor lights, and our History of Design in Table Lamps series. And browse all of Pooky’s affordable designer floor lamps here.