Glamorous glass: spectacular mirrors as statement pieces

Rather like lamps, mirrors can make for magnificent statement pieces and light up your interiors. To prove it, here are some spectacular examples from our new range…

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: ‘If Pooky did mirrors, they’d be the swankiest, most stylish mirrors in the world.’ And you’re right, they are. Now there are some beautifully understated styles in the new mirror range – like the Luxor, for instance – but this post is all about the glamour. Because rather like lamps, mirrors serve multiple purposes. They have a practical function (observing one’s own gorgeousness), but they also literally light up an interior, creating a feeling of space and air. And what’s more they can be beautiful objects in themselves, reflecting your personality and taste. In fact, mirrors make marvellous statement pieces. So here are Pooky’s most glamorous looking glasses, mirrors so spectacular that your guests will actually be more interested in your frames than they are in their own reflections…


Vulpo - shop here

The Vulpo is over a metre tall, so it takes up a fair bit of wall. But what a statement! It’s not a mould but a remarkably accomplished piece of wood carving, and the distressed gold frame and bevelled glass give it a confident, antiquey feel. Hang it portrait-style to command a room, or position it in landscape-wise on a mantelpiece, ideally opposite a chandelier for maximum effect.


Grace - shop here

With a style that’s somewhere between a sun goddess and a headdress, the Grace is designed to dazzle. It’s a 60cm diameter round bevelled mirror with a beautiful carved frame finished in a subtle distressed gold. Great anywhere really.


Bette - Unfortunately the Bette is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of mirrors here

Now this is a grand symphony of a mirror statement piece. Being 127cm high and 85cm wide, the Bette can command a sitting room mantelpiece and is big enough to light up a hallway. The frame is hand carved wood in distressed gold, and each piece of glass is individual and bevelled. Trust us, you can feel the quality.

Lauren and Marilyn

Lauren - shop here

The Lauren is a 60cm round mirror in mahogany coloured wood, with convex glass that creates a striking reflective effect. We love the ten golden baubles round the frame (reminiscent perhaps of the old Hollywood dressing room vanity tables?) …Or for a more traditional take on the same round convex mirror style try the Marilyn. In fact this design has been in vogue since the 18th century - and will doubtless still be admired 100 years from now.

Marilyn - Unfortunately the Marilyn is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of mirrors here


Ava - shop here

Want something spectacular over your mantelpiece that doesn’t take up too much space? The indisputably eye-catching Ava might be just the ticket. At 54cm in height and in width, it’s a smaller mirror but just bursts into a space. The glass is convex: place it to reflect a pendant or chandelier and it will dazzle.

So those are some of our more glitzy, wham-bam mirrors. If you like these you’ll probably like our chandeliers too. And you can browse all of our mirrors here.