Five clever ways to use lighting to make your home cosy for Christmas

A few simple changes can transform your home into a warm and cosy festive haven…

You don’t have to go for the full tinsel explosion, but for all except the most austere minimalists, it’s important to make your home feel special at Christmas. It’s a holiday, after all - and in holidays we like things to be a little different. 

Lighting is a perfect way to temporarily change up the mood of your home, without making major decorative changes, spending a fortune, or covering everything with glitter. A few simple tricks can create that warm, cosy Christmas atmosphere for the festive season, and then come January it’s as easy as anything to change it all back. Here are five ideas…

1. Spread the lighting load with more and warmer lighting sources

Make it a holiday rule to use your single overhead ‘main’ light as little as possible, and instead multiply your table and floor lamps. So more light sources, but with lower level, warmer bulbs. You’ll want warm white LED bulbs with a light colour of between 2,700 and 3000 Kelvin. This is probably the simplest thing you can do to make an instant impact, and you can find out everything about choosing the right bulbs in our guide to warm lighting and colour ‘temperature’.

light bulb

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2. Use moveable lamps to make multiple cosy zones

Merely by moving lights around you can completely change the feel of a room.. You can open up underused spaces, change focal points and create new cosy nooks for reading or snoozing.

laurel chickDesigner Laurel Chick uses a Pooky Phileas rechargeable table lamp on a shelf to create a cosy corner. Image: @laurelchick

Rechargeable table lamps have revolutionised home lighting. They free us to light up those shelves and mantelpieces and awkward corners that were previously inaccessible because there was no handy plug socket. Get yourself a few or stick them on your Christmas wish list and unlock your lighting creativity!

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3. Transform a room with wall mounted candle holders

Wall lights are perfect for spreading light around a room, but if you haven’t the time or inclination to do a lot of wiring work, how about wall mounted candle holders? 

Kite wall mounted candle holder in antiqued brass

Think flickering candles either side of a fireplace – turn off the electrics late at night and you’ll be transported back to some Dickensian Christmas Past before you can say Bob Cratchit…

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4. Twinkle away with tea lights

Christmas is the time to go big on candlelight - and you can really have fun creating different ‘scenes’ with  tealights. They fit in all sorts of little spaces, from mantelpieces to corner shelves to coffee tables, and there are infinite options for holders.

burly tealight holderBurly tealight holder in ruby glass

Pooky’s Burly tealight holders in ruby, emerald and amber glass are probably the cutest things in our collection, and while the traditionalist might stick to just one colour, they’re fantastic when mixed up.

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5. Change your lampshades for warmer colours and fabrics

Changing up your lampshades is one of the easiest ways to transform a room from season to season without breaking the bank. For Christmas, go for warm colours like reds or golds, and cosy, soft textures such as velvet or linen.

Do be bang on trend this year, how about some shades from our Archive by Sanderson Design collection. The 'Forbidden Fruit' design by Pat Etheridge was considered too risqué for the design world in 1968, but for Christmas 2022 it will warm the cockles a treat!

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