Seven ingenious ways rechargeable lamps can transform your home life

From lamplit bathtimes to al fresco magic, here are some brilliantly bright ideas for changing up your home and your home life with cordless lighting…

The new technology of rechargeable lights literally transforms the way we live and use light. That may sound a rather large claim, but we can back it up with irrefutable evidence! 

Ever since we introduced these cordless, portable table lamp beauties to our range the feedback from customers has been extraordinary..."this light has changed my life....I love, love, love it". Now our ever-expanding family of rechargeable lights includes our first cordless floor lamp opening the door to yet more interior rearrangement possibilities.

And the reason rechargeables are so transformative? Because it turns out that freeing beautiful designer lamps and shades from the tyranny of plug sockets and extension leads allows you to use lighting in ways like never before. 

Here are seven ideas we've come up with or stolen from our clever customers –but we’re sure you can think of more…


1) Illuminate your shelving displays

alice grace interiors phileas lampPhileas rechargeable table lamp on pantry shelf - by Alice Grace @alicegraceinteriors

Many of us have high shelving units, perhaps built into alcoves next to a chimney breast or in slightly awkward hallway spaces, where previously no lights could safely reach without summoning an electrician and ripping everything up. 

Yet often these shelves are where we display the things we’d most like to show off… It might be our impeccably tasteful book collection, our prized photos or our trinkets or trophies. It might even be our gorgeously-arranged pantry foodstuffs, as in the picture above by Alice Grace. 

But with a cordless lamp, you can shine a light on your shelves and completely alter the focal point and the feel of a over-familiar room.


2) Carve out a romantic dining corner for two

Twinky rechargeable table lamp

Whether you live in a bijou apartment or have a grand dining room, sometimes what’s required is an intimate spot for two to enjoy a romantic supper. 

Set up a little table and a pair of chairs in any corner of any room, place a diminutive portable lamp like the Twinky on it and turn off all the other lights… instant restaurant romance!


3) The amazing moveable reading nook

twinky floor lampTwinky rechargeable floor lamp

If you like to curl up in a cosy corner with a decent book – on a gloomy winter’s afternoon or perhaps in the wee hours while everyone else is asleep – the rechargeable light has opened up new worlds of reading nook opportunities. Imagine if you could carry a floor lamp to any potential sitting spot in the house as easily as you can your mug of cocoa? 

The Twinky floor lamp is dimmable so you can out it in any dark space and set it to any vibe, but it potentially heralds a reading nook revolution…


4) Light up bath night 

man with a hammer phileas

Phileas rechargeable lamp in bathroom by Greg Penn @manwithahammer

Now this is one of our very favourite uses of a cordless table lamp… bubbles, perhaps a cheeky glass of red and the soft glow of lamplight. That’s an epically indulgent bath night.

(Obviously one must be mindful of safety when combining electrics and water and keep a sensible distance between the two.)


5) The window seat hideaway

freya lampFreya rechargeable table lamp

Do you happen to have any of those lovely deep window ledges going unused…perhaps in a hallway or on a half-landing? Again, these are places where plug sockets rarely penetrate – but the cordless light can transform them into window seat hideaways or just attractive spaces to pass as you glide proudly about your home…


6) The table centrepiece

anna eleri hart tablePhileas rechargeable lamps styled by Anna Eleri Hart

When you have a lamp that is useful (because it lights up) and beautiful (because Pooky designed it) and requires no wires, then you have the ultimate table centrepiece at your disposal.

Slap bang in the middle of a coffee table is a perfect position for a rechargeable table lamp. As is the centre of the dining table - or even the Christmas dining table, as proven by Anna Eleri Hart above.


7) Bring the indoors out

1894 homePhileas rechargeable lamp in garden area by Sophia of @1894home

Bringing the outdoors in is a simple enough matter – you really just need a few plants. But bringing the comfort, elegance and fabrics of the indoors out into the garden or conservatory is a much trickier business. Or rather, it used to be… Now you can create magical al fresco dining and seating spaces as easy as anything: just bring out a rechargeable table lamp along with the drinks tray…

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