Designer wall light fittings – choose your own style

Here’s a guide to how you can mix and match different styles and materials of designer wall light fittings to finish a room and make a personal statement…

Very often it’s the subtle things – the finishing touches - that make all the difference to the feel of a room. That’s why interior designers spend ages agonising over cushions and fiddling around with picture frames right up to their deadlines, long after they’ve done all the ‘important’ things like painting the walls. You can also give rooms a ‘twist’, or reinforce an overall style you’re trying to create, with very small changes. Lighting fixtures and fittings are a perfect example – so we thought we’d extend our ‘mix-and-match’ ethos from lamps and shades to wall lights – so you can (a) create the perfect fixture-and-light combo for you, and (b) have some fun doing it. Here’s a guide to our single arm metal wall light fittings – plus some inspiration on how you might put them together for different design styles…

Three styles….

We’ve created three styles of single arm wall light fitting (each is a three-core, B22 fitting). The Elbow is an angular arm set on a round base – contemporary, smart and adaptable:

This is the Rose, which features an industrial-style ‘tap’ to adjust the angle:

And the elegant Swan Neck, which works very nicely pointing either upwards or downwards:

….in four materials

Each of the three styles comes in four materials: brass, bronze, chrome and silver:

Elbow in (clockwise from top left): brass, bronze, silver and chrome

Rose in (clockwise from top left): brass, bronze, silver and chrome

Swan Neck in (clockwise from top left): brass, bronze, silver and chrome

So that gives you 12 different possible combinations of wall light fitting style and material. Which is quite impressive we suppose. But when you add into that your choice from our range of glass, fabric, ironwork or brass wall light shades, well, the possibilities are practically endless! So go and have some fun choosing your ideal combos, and in the meantime, here are five ideas that might inspire you…

1. Slick and contemporary – This is the regular Mundo wall light in clear blown glass, paired with the Elbow wall fitting in a chrome finish – very smart.

Regular Mundo with chrome Elbow fitting - shop here.

2. Shabby glass chic – Or if you like a more antiquey feel, how about the Henrietta shade in clear blown glass with the Rose fitting in bronze:

Henrietta glass wall light with bronze Rose fitting - shop here.

3. Ferns and swans – You can turn the Swan Neck fitting upwards and use a fabric shade – in this case the 16cm empire shade with the Balinese Ferns design. Perhaps a hint of Victoriana to this style?

Balinese ferns empire shade with brass Swan Neck fitting - shop here.

5. Classic Qilin – Alternatively, you can use the same the antiqued brass Swan Neck fitting the other way round and match with a glass shade like the Qilin for a completely different feel:

Qilin glass wall light with brass Swan Neck - shop here.

5. Try a parchment – we’re not sure how you’d describe this one, we just think it looks really good. It’s a Sunshine parchment shade paired with the Elbow fitting in antiqued silver:

Sunshine parchment pendant shade with silver Elbow fitting - shop here.

Or you could go the Rose fitting to make a sort of arts-and-crafts with a contemporary twist effect, or… etc, etc. You get the idea.

Feast your eyes on our full range of designer wall lights here.

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