Beautiful bathroom wall lights in glass – with IP44-rated fittings

beautiful bathroom wall lights in glass – with ip44-rated fittings

Beautiful lighting is just as important in the bathroom as in the rest of the house. And now there’s a range of IP44-rated bathroom wall light fittings to help you bring serious designer style into your favourite water closet…

A stylish bathroom deserves equally stylish lighting – after all, what’s lovelier than sinking into a luxurious bubble bath surrounded by a warm ambient glow. And the good news is that your options for using beautiful lamps in your bathroom have positively exploded, thanks to new designer wall light fittings rated IP44.

What are IP44 wall light fittings?

There are regulations about what kind of light fittings you can use in bathrooms, and you can read our full guide to bathroom lighting safety guidelines here. But in a nutshell, you can use any kind of light fitting you outside of the zones marked on this diagram (so anywhere in the white areas), but closer to water sources you need to use IP rated fittings.

These new wall light fittings rated IP44 are suitable for use inside Zone 2 (shaded light grey), so you can now put stylish lamps in the area stretching 60cm outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor; or within a 60cm radius of any tap in a sink or wash basin.

(For the Zone 0 and Zone 1 areas very close to water sources - the dark and medium grey areas you’ll need even higher IP rated lights - but those are generally LED shower lights.)

Brass and chrome bathroom wall light fittings

For our IP44-rated wall light fittings we’ve used our class swan neck design, supplied with a G9 bulb. You can choose from antique brass and chrome finishes - perfect for bathrooms as they don’t steam up. And that opens up an enormous range of options for mixing and matching your fitting with different kinds of shade. For your inspiration, here are some of our favourite bathroom wall lights in glass…

Espere - a beautifully simple dome

A clear blown-glass dome, slightly flattened with a very classy solid brass ‘gallery’ (that's technical term for the bit on the top). Utterly fashion-proof.

Aquila - Art Deco chic

These are blown by mouth into a mould by a very skilled craftsman, and are remarkably light -not to mention striking. That teardrop shape is classic Art Deco, and would work brilliantly in a bathroom with lots of angles and clean lines.

Dahlia - gentle bubbles

These mouth-blown, hand-finished glass shades are fizzing with thousands of tiny bubbles, just lovely in a contemporary bathroom design. Dahlia comes in a range of gentle tints – this is the amber colour, but you can explore the others here (aqua marine is very bathroom-friendly).

Hazel - mercurised glass

The Hazel is made of mercurised glass, which creates an extremely sophisticated vibe, especially with the swan neck wall light fitting. Looks sensational on either side of a mirror and casts a lovely glow. - Unfortunately the Hazel in mercurised glass is unavailable, but please take a look at our glass pendant collection here

Browse all of our IP44-rated lights here. But remember, outside of the three zones (see the guide for details), you can safely use any of Pooky’s pendant or wall lights and make your bathroom as stylish and beautifully decorated as you like!