Lighting for the tricky areas of your home

From dark hallways and narrow staircases to sloping ceilings and attic rooms, the right lighting can make those awkward spaces come alive. Find out how to light even the trickiest areas of your home with our expert tips…  

Lighting a hallway: make a statement with a striking pendant light 

Hallways can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to lighting, particularly if they’re long, narrow and lacking in natural light. 

Ceiling lights provide plenty of practical ambient light while helping to maximise floor and wall space, but the trick is to go big. A striking overhead pendant light (or two, for a longer hallway) will provide a lovely focal point in your hallway, while an eye-catching chandelier will add extra wow factor in an entrance hall – perfect for creating that all-important first impression. Check out our collection of hall pendants and chandeliers here. 

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Lighting a staircase: light the way with some designer wall lights

Staircases can be dark, narrow and somewhat unloved spaces, but with the right lighting you can help to brighten up your staircase and make it a safe, well-lit and attractive focal point in your home. Wall-mounted lights are a great choice for lighting a staircase, as they cast a lovely even spread of soft ambient light across the wall, adding warmth and atmosphere and helping to draw the eye along the stairway.   

Wall lights are available in a wide range of different styles and materials, from traditional sconces to stunning contemporary designs which sit neatly against the wall – ideal for narrow or more compact staircases. 


Pooky's Luxor lantern lights the entrance hall to  The Old White House School,


Pooky's Stella pendant - styled by Laura Stephens


Lighting a sloping ceiling: make a feature of it

Just because you have a sloping ceiling, it doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful lighting! A pendant light or chandelier can look stunning suspended from a sloping ceiling, whether singly or as part of a set, and will also serve to highlight any other interesting features, such as beams. 

Choose a pendant with an adjustable cable or chain suspension to create a dramatic drop. Meanwhile, for a lower sloped ceiling a flush mounted or semi-flush mounted light with a small drop will offer plenty of practical light while still providing a lovely focal point.


Lighting box rooms and tiny bathrooms: highlight the vertical space 

With the right lighting, even the smallest of spaces can shine. When lighting a box room, the trick is to choose light fittings which are not too intrusive, and to use your lighting to emphasise the vertical space. A set of low profile wall lamps will provide plenty of ambient light, drawing the eye up and along the wall, without encroaching on precious floor space.

Meanwhile, if your box room is low on square footage but has a high ceiling, a statement ceiling light or a slimline floor lamp will help to draw the eye upwards, making the room feel larger and more open.     

Bathroom by Anna Haines featuring Pooky's Stanley wall light. Photo: Andrew Steel.


Attic room by Vickie Nickolls of Interior Therapy


Lighting an attic room: banish those dark areas with freestanding lamps

Attic rooms present their own unique set of lighting headaches, often featuring low or sloping ceilings, dark or awkward corners and unusual layouts. The best way to light an attic room is to layer your light by combining a range of different types of lighting. Overhead ceiling lights or wall lights will provide plenty of general ambient light, and you can supplement these with freestanding lamps. 

As well as providing practical task lighting, using a range of floor and table lamps will help to light up those dark corners, create accents and add drama and atmosphere.

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Ocativia Dickinson lights a tricky dining space with low ceilings and beams by using Pooky's Chukka and Cagney wall lights, including in the bookshelves. Photo: Helen Cathcart



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Image top: Stella pendant styled by Fiona Parke